I love Narusaka Rin!

I was doing my PINK GOLD post when I was reminded that I liked Atenaki Tegami. Her art struck me with the sharpness of the characters’ eyes. Also, the uke in Atenaki kinda reminded me of Takaba (Viewfinder) art-wise.

I tried Hitomi no Dokusenyoku before. While I found it entertaining, the plot was all over the place. It’s like everyone was magically in love all of a sudden. Then there are the eyes. I thought it was only in Atenaki with the seme being a yakuza. But the 1st seme here (there were 2 pairings in the story) was a model. Honestly, my initial impression was that they were possessed or something, like what you see when a human turned to a vampire wwww (bad analogy is bad). Eyes aside, she could draw adorable chibis! <3

Anyway, I was lurking around twitter when I encountered Narusaka Rin’s twitter account. There, I found the photos of her recent serialization, Kare no Tokubetsu na Kare. The art looked good and so as the story. Tatsuya, despite being the Student Council President, was aiming for a peaceful ordinary life. This only lasted until a popular actor/model Daichi came to their school. The guy was more than Tatsuya can handle. From there, they started turning each other’s lives in a 180 degrees turn.

Tatsuya reminded me of Yukimura (Asobi ja nai no) minus the eye-glasses. Though compared to the latter, Tatsuya was tamer and basically the cool, level-headed guy. THOUGH they were equally sexy ukes! XDD

The UST in this was so HIGH, I was clutching my chest while reading www. The plot is nothing groundbreaking. But it’s nice to see the interaction of the two especially when they’re bickering. So cute! It’s quite predictable but it’s the predictability that I look forward too. I felt like exploding with feels the more they open up and starts being conscious of each other. Gyaaaaaa. I just hope that this will be good until the end as I want to support Sensei until then and to her upcoming titles!


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