A wife-material seme yess *U*

Heya~ I’ve been reading a lot of stories recently that it’s hard to keep up with my recent reads. ^^;; Some titles I can barely remember other than Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto by Ogura Muku. That one is adorable with all the fluff. xD

Then we have this one, Merry Checker by Tsuta Suzuki. I have low expectations on this one considering I didn’t like Akanai Tobira which is the first book from her that I’ve read.

What makes this interesting is that I could totally relate to Shio, being a blogger and have blogger friends whom he had also met IRL. He likes speculating about other people and he claims that it is his hobby to read them. Good thing is that Shio never wavered as the uke. He does not become girly and suddenly head over heels in love with Miya. He certainly changed but not really. lol get my point? XD;;

And then there’s Miya. He is the very example of most bloggers. They write funny stuff, entertaining posts, etc. We see a glimpse of these bloggers through each post. Yet we don’t really know them. And that makes them more interesting.

Not so much fluff when I’m craving for some. Or maybe some angst will do. Anyway, this is an interesting read! I make sure to read this again in the future and write a proper review (and hopefully Furueru too!). 😀


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