Those two from the image above are the most twisted and broken pairing I’ve today…and I love them 8D

I was on an Ogawa Chise reading spree and decided to pick this up and scan reading this again. The characters have a really twisted relationship. The young master who lives by leaching on other people now goes back to his family’s old mansion. That place is currently owned by the family’s previous butler and bocchan’s attendant. Butler-san puts on handcuffs and wouldn’t let his beloved bocchan leave the mansion~

When I first read this, I thought how disturbing these two are. And those handcuffs >_<. I probably wouldn’t be surprised if the butler will put his bocchan in a cage. sigh

Then there’s a two-part side-story that goes with this. It is about dorm mates having high sexual tension for one another. Of course, I also love those two. (///u///)

I should set a time and read this manga seriously~~


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