OH. MY. GOODNESS. Takagi Shigeyoshi and Ogawa Chise are one and the same person? /flails

I wasn’t aware that I have this adorable manga in me /o. Anyway, I’m gonna review this, uhm…this year so I’ll pour my thoughts there. XD

Hyakujuu Kingdom has an interesting set of characters. Though I must say that I was put off by the girl at first because of her nagging attitude. The lead guy is an unconventional student council president, but he is as sharp as anyone else. I was more interested in the treasurer though. lol

There is a one-shot that goes with this entitled Bitter Trap. It was gooood. Both leads are feisty but their love story is one of a kind.

The biggest revelation to me was knowing that the one who made this Takagi Shigeyoshi and one of the BL mangaka that is my new-found fave are the same! AAAAAHHHHHH I should have noticed from the style. D8 I LOVE THIS MANGAKA ALREADY <333333



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