I suddenly have the urge to read shoujo. XD

Shinyu no Mikami-kun is about an introverted girl Umi who relies to her childhood friend, Mikami, most of the time. To avoid being a nuisance to him, she tries to ask somebody to accompany her during lunch. Accidentally, instead of asking a female classmate, she blurts out the invitation to a male classmate. Mikami sees the two of them together. Afterwards, different feelings resurfaced in both of them.

Everything screams as your usual shoujo; cheerful guy, reserved friendless girl, wanting to be outgoing, potential love rival then jealousy comes in. We’ve all seen that before. As I think that this is another cliche story, it takes a 180 degrees turn halfway.

It is nice to see a co-dependency in their friendship. While Umi’s personality is expectable, Mikami takes me by surprise. He is unbelievably a crybaby. Mikami is probably more of a nakimushi than Umi www. This change of tides is amusing albeit a little late in the story.

It is pretty obvious that Mikami has feelings for Umi and the author is going through the love path until the revelation of Mikami’s personality. It is quite clear that Umi likes Mikami as well. But the ending feels like Mikami has been friend zoned by Umi. Now I’m confused if they really like each other or only as friends. I don’t feel the romance at the end of the story.

I guess this is kinda cute but lacks romance. ;;; However, Mikami is a refreshing change of character. I just loved staring at his tear-stained face. It’s super duper cute. A.A


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