OH MY GOD. Can this manga get any cuter?

Miyako-chan is an honor student. She knows and follows all the school rules. However, she has this burning passion for playing the guitar that she inherits from her deceased dad. Being the good student that she is, she locks away that hobby and concentrates on being a ‘normal’ student. Things changed when her classmate Kou invites her to be the guitarist of their band.

There are 3 other one-shots included. One is about the guy’s seatmate who apparently passed away. They have few moments together. In those moments, though, they neither get to know each other’s face nor name. I find it cute being told in a male POV. But the flow of the story is kinda confusing since it goes back and forth between the past and present, that I don’t know if it’s a flashback or not.

Then there’s a story about 3 childhood friends. Horiuchi likes Natsuo but is dumped because she likes the other childhood friend but is dumped as well since he have recently gotten a girlfriend. The story centers about friendship, loving and being loved, rejecting and being rejected. It’s cute. Cute in a sense that each of them tries to understand each other in their own way. But like the first one-shot, I don’t know if everything happened in a single day or not.

The last one is about seatmates again (this time, both of them are alive lol). The girl is annoyed by her classmate’s blonde hair so he always enters her field of vision at any given time. Funny thing is, it happens to me a lot of time! Like, if I really hated something or someone rubs me the wrong way, I’ll unconsciously follow it with my eyes lol. Going back, the guy likes to show off which ticks her more. But she realizes that that is just a front.

All stories have a fair amount of funny moments and heartwarming ones. I like how the girls are not overly enthusiastic nor dense. They all try to overcome their internal conflict and move on. Some of them are a bit slow when it comes to romance but when they do realize it, they admit it to themselves almost immediately.

But the most charming thing that ever happened in this manga is the guys. They are all gentle and kind (I’m currently into this type atm xD). They cry (OH MY GOD cutest ever /kicked) and show their vulnerable side. And they are not sorry for it. The guys show their sensitive sides that I find endearing. They do not cover it with the alpha male facade.

Okay I’m starting to love Watanabe Kana. XD


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