smargs don't sing
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Three years prior to the beginning of the story, a village was destroyed by an evil Smarg (magical creature). The sole survivors of the massacre, the sisters Chloe and Iria, fled to a nearby village. The younger sister, Chloe, is mute. However, she is a friendly and diligent worker who is loved by all. The older sister, Iria, is disruptive, rude, and cruel, especially towards her unfailingly loyal sister. But, how did two young girls manage to escape such a powerful creature in the first place?

A heart-wrenching, tear-jerking story that never gets old. For a one-shot, this is a gem. The plot is as unique and interesting as the characters. This a tale of two sisters who takes great lengths just to protect one another. You’ll rarely find a brilliant one-shot which can make you relate to the characters and feeling satisfied at the end of the story.

I liked how the cold setting corresponds to the chilly atmosphere between Ilia and the villagers. It is as freezing as how the people treat her. The older sister is a drunkard who mistreats her younger sister. She does nothing to help poor Chloe. Most of the villagers despise her attitude and even regrets that they took her in. On the contrary, Chloe is kind-hearted. She can’t speak yet actions speak for her more than any words could. She does her best to help thus making the villagers took pity on her for having an older sister like. Despite all the pain she had to endure because of Ilia, Chloe still covers for her. Even goes down to her knees and beg to let her sister stay in the village.

The twist about Ilia does not surprise me that much as I believe she has a deeper reason about her upsetting behavior. Yet, the other twist is like a punch in my heart. It is something I totally unexpected. I can’t say that I do not like what they did there. This is the greatest point in the entire story. The fact that I thought I already figured the characters out, they still have a secret within them. Meanwhile, a seeming passerby character plays an important part in the middle of all these things.

The shounen-ish art style is neat and simple. Nothing remarkable as the focused is more on the characterization of the characters. This is also great since the simplicity of the art contrasts the distinctive of the plot.

Wrapping Up!
Totally recommending this! Despite the shortness, it is worth your time. But be warned that can be quite dramatic depending on your mood. Still! MUST READ. >:D


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