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Taiyou no Ie’s popularity piqued my interest. But after finishing volume 1, I left feeling neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

Mao often goes to Hiro’s house to play. Her tumultuous relationship with her family drives her to his house, which is full of warmth and love. But the divorce of her parents and moving to another part of the town causes her to lessen her visit to Hiro.

Her father’s remarriage causes Mao to lose her place in their home once more. Despite years of not going to Hiro’s house, he still welcomed her when Mao’s father chooses to be a jerk and sends his teenage daughter to live alone with a young man. I don’t care if they are childhood friends, neighbors, or they know each other since forever, but doesn’t it seem so wrong to do that?

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I figure Mao’s family is the reflection of some modern-day families: fucked up due to irresponsible parenting. What is irritating is how they treat Mao.

Mao’s tsundere personality makes me tad indifferent about her. But my heart cries with her whenever her parents tossed her aside like how her mother scolded her for not eating dinner and waiting for her mom while all along bringing another guy in their house. Her father is no better like what I mentioned above. The new wife comes in with a kid of her own whom he fondly talks to and laughs with — things he never does with his own child. He looks apathetic and solemn in front of Mao. I don’t know if the reason they are like that is that Mao reminds them of each other – the person they so want to forget? Do they focus their hatred on Mao who doesn’t do anything? Wow, brilliant parenting right there.

Aside from the parental issues, I find some things interesting like how would Hiro’s siblings react with a female teenager living with their brother. Would they be happy to see their childhood friend safe and sound or they wouldn’t approve at all? How are things going to progress between Hiro and Mao? I don’t know if they are going to end up together. But after reading this volume, I didn’t feel an inch of chemistry? I also lowkey ship Mao with her classmate who shows a not-so-subtle attraction towards her. And they look good together! Oh, and I can’t wait for Hiro to know the real author of his favorite novel.

While I find those above interesting, they are not something that makes me want to rush to the next volume. One thing that makes me not so excited to read the pages is the art. Mao looks so young, almost like a legit loli. I’m okay with the age gap between the characters. But I’m not so keen on reading more about them if it looks like the main guy is paired with a child.

I’m still pretty unconvinced whether I’d continue to read this or not. For one, I like the issues tackled in the first volume. On the flip side, the art is not to my liking. It’ll probably take time for me to pick this title again.


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One thought on “[Manga] Taiyou no Ie 1 (たいようのいえ 1)”
  1. I read this manga last year I think but I didn’t like it at all :/
    Yeah, Mao looks so young, like a loli and it was weird that he liked her. At least to me it was weird
    I thought he saw Mao like a little sister ^^”
    “looks like the main guy is paired with a child.” Yup!!!

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