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Strangely, Naoki can’t stop thinking about his classmate’s broad back…

Strangely, I couldn’t get enough of this either. *v*

Bless the whoever posted a screencap of this manga on my Tumblr dashboard. It was too adorbs to let it pass!

We have Naoki who always finds himself staring at the broad back of his classmate Ryouhei. He is timid and lean, very much the opposite of the latter who likes to eat a lot, laugh a lot, and sleep a lot. After accidentally using Naoki as his classmate’s body pillow, the two have started getting closer to each other.

I don’t know if there is a back fetish or something. What I do know is that Naoki’s attraction to Ryouhei’s sexy broad back is cute and oh-so-pure. Kinda reminds me of the Seven Days feel where the story is simple yet the emotions in the story struck a chord in your heart (geez I’m getting cheesy lol).

The last parts are the sweetest. I swoon at Ryouhei’s words and actions, not that I can resist carefree guys who suddenly turns serious and romantic (//v//).

This is, I think, the first manga from the author. Not bad for the first story. I enjoyed reading this a lot. I wish there’s more of it, though the charm of the story is highlighted because of its length. It gives off a bittersweet feeling after reading; the story itself is sweet, then you’ll feel bitter because it is short www. If she’ll ever write a good manga like this one and release a tankoubon, I’ll surely buy it!

Wrapping up!
Nevermind the shortness, the sweet and fluffiness of the relationship of these two will make up for it. Totally enjoyable and would love to re-read this from time to time.


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