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Watashi no Ookami-kun is an ongoing series by Nogiri Youko and being serialized in Aria. The story follows Komugi, a high school student from Tokyo, as she transfers to a high school in Hokkaido. Her seatmate, Ookami Yuu, said that she has a nice smell and even her name (komugi = wheat according to Jisho.org lol) sounds delicious lol. He becomes very close to her and starts calling her by her first name. Ookami-kun, along with three other students, is a popular guy. Thing is, his fans snob Komugi since he’s clingy towards her. Komugi instantly gets alarmed by their hostility due to her prior experience about bitchy girl group in her previous school.

One day, she sees Ookami-kun under the tree, sleeping. She tries waking him up but accidentally steps on a tail. Ookami-kun wakes up, having a tail and fox ears. He tells Komugi to keep it a secret or he’ll have no choice but to eat her.

It is a rather common plot device but so far, I love the art (because it’s always the art that catches my attention lol) and atmosphere in the story. I also love the two main characters. Komugi is a city girl who is rather cautious with the other students especially  girls. She looks like an ojou-sama but is not putting on airs. Meanwhile, Ookami-kun has a stupidly innocent personality. He is like the refreshing type of guy in the school and wears a goofy smile. He looks cute too! I didn’t expect the twist though… or rather I expect it the moment I read the title but it throw me out of the loop when he is introduced. Because I thought it is just a play on words, like the Ookami is not about a wolf but only a name (though it’s still a weird name IMO) lol.

Anyway, I am unfamiliar with Nogiri Youko. Forgive me, I am quite outdated with shoujo u.u. Upon searching about her on MU, she seems to be the artist for Natsume’s (Brothers Conflict) manga in Sylph. Currently, I’m loving her art. I might as well read her other works in the future.


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