Starting the year right. 8D

This is a free title from Rakuten and one of the titles included in the Kono BL ga Yabai 2016 list. I’m not familiar with Scarlet Beriko but hey it’s free so why not.

To my surprise (and disappointment), unlike all the other free reads that I got from Rakuten, the first chapter is the only free thing. Oh well. Someone’s not reading the description. lol

Even if it’s just the first chapter, it does not disappoint though!

As the title implies, Ooyamato Tatsuyuki is the 4th generation leader of the Ooyamato Group (a yakuza clan). He was once the patient of the doctor from the book Minori no Te from the same mangaka. To draw him out of his heartbroken state, his caretaker sends him to Fukuoka to attend their business. Still, Tatsuyuki being hung up about his unrequited love, tried hitting on women again, drinking hard, even randomly picking fights. Afterall those stuff he did, he sobers in a park where an unknown (??) guy finds him. (??) because the guy seems to know him and takes the drunk Tatsuyuki in a place, perhaps the random guy’s place? Things get real hot, real fast.

Meanwhile, I just sit and contemplate whether this is borderline rape or not even if Tatsuyuki sort of seduces the guy by licking that guy’s fingers…

Anyway, next morning, Tatsuyuki tries to remember what happened the day before and thought he did it with the doctor guy. The random guy peeks in, glomps our MC, babbles about thinking it was just his imaginary Tatsuyuki even if they did it four times (woah dude O_O), and goes for a smooch. All the while, Tatsuyuki is baffled who the heck is this guy.

Let’s be honest here. The thing that really got me is when they start doing it because BAM sex scene. I find it amusing because a) Tatsuyuki is a seductive uke that I’m not expecting at all, and b) the random guy who finds him and makes out with him. Like dude, how low is your tolerance level and the guy you’re pounding is screaming someone else’s name (that’s quite sad actually). Not to mention, random guy looks like a creeper. Though he’s such a lame but cute and clumsy seme when his face is shown! Too adorable! But looks can be deceiving. Look at how he gropes Tatsuyuki’s balls on the cover. e u e

This looks like a fun ride with lots of wtf moments along the way. Will consider buying this soon. Hopefully.


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