As if I needed more distractions in my life. lol

I☆chu! (or Ai-chuu!, whatever) is an idol-raising rhythm game that came out last month for iOS and Android. The player is the producer at an idol school where a Bear is the manager lol.

Basically, it’s kinda like Love Live! just with a whole bunch of groups.

Those are the main idols in the game. Mind you, Lancelot’s still not there. If you check the site, there’s still at least 2 groups that they are going to introduce.

It has the main story, the individual stories of all the idols, the rhythm game of course, scouting (which I really really enjoy), and all that. There are also Daily Missions and Events that you can participate. I’d have to thank Love Live! for having an idea in how this stuff works. ww

It took me a while to get used to the circular style (ahaha I don’t really know how to call it). I’m more used to the vertical ones like the one in Love Live and Deemo, and horizontal ones like Utapri music and Taiko no Tatsujin. Plus  it reminds me a lot of Zuma lol.

For the official site:

These are unofficial sites though that provides information and guide:

I-chu!! Wikia:

I-chu!! Tumblr:

And this very helpful guide:


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