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Game Info
THE CHiRAL NIGHT Rhythm Carnival by Nitro+CHiRAL
Official Site: http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/rhythm-carnival/
Trial: http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/rhythm-carnival/#Trial

THE CHiRAL NIGHT Rhythm Carnival is a rhythm game from Nitro+CHiRAL featuring songs from their games (Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool, and DRAMAtical Murder). I didn’t really pay it any attention, thinking it would be the yearly CHiRaL Night event. But thanks to this post by Yume-chan, I became intrigued by this game!

Turns out, THE CHiRAL NIGHT Rhythm Carnival is frustrating yet fun to play!

When you open the trial, you’ll be greeted by this user interface. It looks so fab! I’ve loved it the moment I started the game. There’s something charming in that edgy yet cute design. So funky.

As for the features, Free Play is the only one available in this trial so I couldn’t check out Theater and Movie. You can try out the four songs included in Sweet, Regular, and Bitter levels.

The only game that I’ve played with Nitro+CHiRAL is DRAMAtical Murder so obviously, I played AI Catch first since it is the one I’m most familiar with. Playing using the keyboard and using five fingers takes some time to get used to. It reminded me why I’ve never tried any rhythm games for PC. www

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There are other songs besides AI Catch, like GRIND, Lamento, and I’m in Blue. Since I haven’t played the other games, I was not sure if I’d like them. Oddly enough, I got hooked right away thanks to Nitro+CHiRAL’s awesome soundtracks! In particular, I loved I’m in blue from Sweet Pool.

As I mentioned, each song has 3 levels of difficulty – Sweet, Regular, and Bitter. The Sweet level is already pretty tough but manageable. Regular is very challenging though! I’ve only tried AI Catch and I’m in blue in Regular and they were difficult >_<. But this game is so fun and the songs are so catchy that I wouldn’t mind playing them again and again to get a higher score.

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I so want to get this game right now. As in NOW www. Thing is, I learned about this a week after I came back from Japan! /sobs I could have searched for it while wandering around Den Den Town or Ikebukuro’s Otome Road since I hated importing PC games. They are not as easily accessible as Vita ones.

So my search for a store that sells a PC game shall begin! Hopefully without having to resort to forwarders www.(Why doesn’t PC game makers make their games available digitally? /weeps) For now, I’m contented playing the trial version of THE CHiRAL NIGHT Rhythm Carnival.


5 thoughts on “[Trial] THE CHiRAL NIGHT Rhythm Carnival”
  1. Ahh I hope that you manage to find a copy! I bought mine from amiami though I’m not sure if it is still available there ^^; I actually quite liked the feeling of playing music on my keyboard – it felt as though I was playing a piano with only 5 notes www /shot

    1. Yeah I totally agree! Especially if you have to press each five keys one after another in Regular. www

      It’s currently available as backorder on Amiami. I’ll try my luck there though! Hopefully I’ll snag a copy. XD

      Btw, totally off topic. Mebiusline is ported to Vita right? But it also means that they removed the…smexy scenes, am I right? Bec I’m thinking of getting it along w/ Rhythm Carnival on Amiami. ww

      1. Ohh I hope you manage to snag it from amiami!

        Yes Mebiusline (both the original and FD) is on Vita too! The Vita has extra scenes though so hopefully it’ll make up for it :’D Also iirc when I played the PSP port the smexy scene was still…pretty suggestive for Vita lol. Just that you can’t see that part of the CG www

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