Found this while randomly searching the net~
NSFW image under the cut :3

Erotoji is released last September 19, 2013. This is a b-BOY anthology.

I know nothing about the contents of the book, other than being full of BL fantasies. ^^;;

The cover is illustrated by Enjin Yamimaru. The list below are the names of participating mangaka:

Konohara Narise
Minami Fuko
Nishino Hana
Aida Saki
Kuriki Shinobu (thanks to Ayu-chan!)
Satoko Ai
Shuu Kaori
Shuudou Rena
Nakahara Ichiya
Nishie Ayaka (西江彩夏 Fuyuno Jinko
Mayuyama Sakura
Maruki Bunge (??? 丸木文華)

I actually discovered this from Honto which got me surprised because well, they didn’t even put Pink Gold there (but they are now selling the ebook format). I don’t think I even saw Erotoro before, though I might be wrong about this one. xP

What makes me curious about the entire anthology is the list of artists in this one. Why, this has Konohara Narise (Castle Mango, Don’t Worry Mama, The Man who Doesn’t Take off his clothes), Minami Fuko (Corsair), and Aida Saki (S novels). I love those three~~ x3


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