Woot! About time!

Last December 26, X-BL announced on its official twitter the release date of Pink Gold 6 on February 28 and other details. As usual, I’ve just discovered this when the new year rolls in. www

The official site has opened as well. It looks shiny. lol

Looks like the theme this time is about jewels, judging from the gems and sparkly background.

The lineup consists of:

鹿乃しうこ (Kano Shiuko)
中村明日美子 (Nakamura Asumiko)
こだか和麻 (Kodaka Kazuma)
みなみ遥 (Minami Haruka)
せら (Sera)
座裏屋蘭丸 (Zaria Ranmaru)
さかもと麻乃 (Sakamoto Mano)
灰崎めじろ (Haizaki Mejiro)
サキラ (Sakira)
柊みずか (Hiiragi Mizuka)
卯陀喜ぴんぽん (??? Pinpon)
相葉キョウコ (Aiba Kyouko)
藤生 (Fujio)

*Lineup might change.

Kano Shiuko will do the cover  based from the characters of her Punch↑ manga. She also made P. B. B (Play Boy Blues) so no wonder her drawing style looks familiar to me. Excited to see Nakamura Asumiko, Sera, and Sakira in the lineup! Though, for the love of everything BL, I couldn’t find how to read 卯陀喜ぴんぽん’s name other than the Pinpon part and I couldn’t figure it out as well. www If anyone knows, please do tell me!

Looks like you can already preorder this on Stellaworth and Comicomi. 😀


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