Hullo everyone!

How are you? Have I been missed? Gawd, I so miss writing and posting stuff on this blog. More so, fangirling. >_>

But, uh, I kinda feel bad breaking my promise not to post any stuff here before graduation. ^^;; Hope you won’t be disappointed with me.

Anyway, ever since I’ve been on hiatus, life hasn’t been good to me. School stuffs have been trying to kill me by piling up every second. Unknown to me, I’m slowly slipping into emo mode. The solution I can think of: games. But I don’t have a freaking console (my parents forbid me to have one before). I had to bug them to buy me one, not just anything but a Nintendo DSi. For some reason, I ship it more than the PSP (no offense to fans).  So I play with it whenever I come home from school or to cool my head or to relax when I am reviewing. I rarely open my laptop and surf the net, so playing with my DSi is a good alternative.

So far these are the games I enjoy playing (yes, I play with them almost simultaneously. Alas, haven’t finished any of them. XD):

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st love plus: THIS. From the very moment I had this game in my console, I’ve been playing this for almost two weeks nonstop! XDDD My first otome game, btw.

Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel: I haven’t actually explored the game but since I liked the anime, I’m guessing here that I’ll like this one too.

Contra 4: I was looking for some action-arcade like games when I discovered this. Imagine my delight when I discovered that one of my fave classic games is available for DS.

My Japanese Coach: It’s not a game, of course. More of a tutorial in Japanese which helps me in remembering my very basic Japanese.

9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors: This one’s good! A suspense-thriller visual novel game. This was recommended to me by my friend. But since I still haven’t recovered from my TokiMemo GS fever, I’m still on the early part of this game. 😮

Fullmetal Alchemist Dual Sympathy: This game was released after the first FMA and before the Brotherhood right? The reason why the game follows the timeline and art of the former. Still on my early parts in the game, though. I enjoyed doing alchemy while battling Leto and I lurve to see Roy in his former art. <3

Bleach The 3rd Phantom: I have mixed feelings for this one. I kind of dislike this since I can’t save it anytime, only every after the chapter or while fighting (I have time constraints).  If I’m not mistaken, they call it SRPG right? The fight scenes are ‘meh’.  However, the art and op music are good. I get to see Urahara while he’s still an active member of the soul society! <3 <3 <3

Kingdom Heart 358/2: First KH I played. I love the design and the game altogether. Can’t say much about it, other than me liking the game. So sorry short comment for this one. ^^;;

Mario Kart: Not really a fan of this one but a good change of pace every once in a while.

Naruto Ninja Council 3: I’m no fan of this anime. I’ve stopped watching this a long time ago. Being said that, I still enjoy playing this game even if I’m quite confuse with the controls while playing. >_>

Professor Layton and the Curious Village: A wicked game! I love how clever the puzzles are. Plus, it’s kind of cartoon-ish at times. Looking forward for its sequels.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice for All: I’ve played the first Phoenix Wright in an emulator last year so I really anticipated playing this one. Only finished the first chapter for now. ^^;;

Trauma Center – Under the Knife: I just chose this randomly before. This is quite addicting especially if you are into medical related stuffs. I’m having fun doing the surgeries, at the same time, I’m frustrated whenever I failed the operation.

Mystery Case Files – Million Heir: Yay for this one too. I never you that one of my fave PC game is available for DS. I’m just having hard time looking for objects since compared the a monitor, DS’ monitor is small. >_>

I am not aware I am playing this much at the same time. @_@ No wonder I haven’t finished any of it. XD I am a noob when it comes to games so please be kind to me. ^^;; If you want to recommend any games, I’m fine with it as long as it’s otome games, action, rpg, or just look at the above games for bases. I’ll be putting up a Games category so expect randomness drabbles on games *coughotomecough*. Just to clear things up, I won’t be uploading any download links for ROMs here. So if you discovered this blog looking for downloads, you’ve hit the wrong site.

Since TokiMemo GS is currently my ichiban when it comes to games so I’ll be putting up a post for it so wait for it! ^_^


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