Woot! o/

I asked my friend to buy me a copy of these books while she was in Japan and now they’re finally here! YAAAAAY~!

The one on the right is PINK GOLD 2. I wanted to have the 1st one too but my friend couldn’t find it. Then I guess, I’ll just have to order it from Comi-comi sometime this year. Anyway, the one on the left is Erotoro which is I think a 2nd book too, just like PG. Though I’m not that interested with the 1st book so idc about it. lol So now I have these two lovely BL anthologies waiting to be read. e u e

Honestly, I’m not sure what category to put this since I haven’t really read these, just flip through the pages~

These are the lovely postcards that come along with each book.

Between the two books, I am leaning towards PG2 because of that black cover. lol

That cover is a tease~. *U*

I’m still a bit sad that Yamane Ayano isn’t able to participate to this year’s PG anthology when she was looking forward in participating again. But then again, things happen in her real life. I hope if there will be a 3rd book, she’ll be able to join in the list of the mangaka. 😀

And since the moment I saw PG2 being released and didn’t bother reading the list of participating mangaka this year, I am surprised to see this:

Ogawa Chiseeeeeeeee


There she goes with her twisted stories~~ ufufu.

Oh and if anybody wonders about the thickness of the books…

Erotoro is thicker though. :3c

That’s it~! /o/ Hopefully, I’ll stop procrastinating and properly read the books that I’m buying. lol

edit: Man I’m so sad. I’ve checked Comi-comi but they don’t have the first Pink Gold now (well they have it in stock for a year anyway). Where do I get it now? siiiiigh


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