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Congrats Team Salsa!

Splatfest: Salsa vs Guacamole

It’s been a week since the last Splatfest and yay for Team Salsa! It was quite obvious that we’ll win the popularity contest seeing that most of the teams I met came from Team Salsa. This sort of defeated the purpose of choosing a team based on the color lol. I have never tasted either Salsa or Guacamole in my entire life. Since red looked cool on screen, hence choosing Salsa www.

This was my first team win too haha! I guessed that we’ll win the popularity but based on the previous Splatfests, the team loses even if they were popular. So I was surprised by the result!

New Kensa Weapons


It’s been quite a while since the release of the update. Which are your faves? I loved the new Splatershot Jr and the Octobrush! Their new kits are lovely! I still have trouble using Ultra Stamp though. Meanwhile, the Torpedo is interesting. It’s like a more concentrated Tenta Missiles.

As for the Tentabrella and L-3 Nozzlenose, I haven’t tried them. I think those are still not available for my level (Lvl 24 atm)? I’m not sure if I’ll try using them anyway, knowing that I’m no good in those weapons.

Salmon Run

Dang, I love Salmon Run even if it’s too chaotic in the map.

Ruins of Ark Polaris

ark polaris

There’s a new map for Salmon Run named Ruins of Ark Polaris. It’s an interesting map, bigger than most maps. But it’s definitely a lot harder than them. I need to master riding those railings.


Speaking of Salmon Run, I hit Profreshional! Though I really wanted to take my time and remain in Overachiever level for as long as possible. But I enjoyed my last play so there…

I wasn’t keen on leveling up since the Boss Salmonoids in Profreshional were crazy difficult to deal with. But, ah, can’t be helped.

Let me share with you some life Salmon Run lessons I picked up, you may or may not learn something new here. 😂

  1. Know your weapons – The biggest lesson I learned was to know which weapons I’m good at. Only play Salmon Run if those were in the rotation. I used to play SR as long as it’s open without any regards of the weapons. That time, I thought maybe it’s just me being a noob. If you want to get a feel of the weapons, then feel free to experiment. But it won’t be good for leveling up. I prefer fast firing weapons so I usually play maps with those weapons.
  2. It’s okay to play solo – I mentioned that because when I couldn’t get past the first level, I did a quick Google search and the advice I got was mostly to never play alone, always play with a team/friends. That was not an option for me since I didn’t have anybody to play with. I don’t have friends. None of my friends have Splatoon so I have to play alone (not so keen on looking for team online since I’m afraid I might drag them down). So point 1 was really important for me.
  3. Don’t be greedy! haha – Self-preservation is really important! If you’ve already hit your quota, don’t push for more if there are too many salmonoids on board. Save thyself especially if it’s almost time and half of your team have been splatted.
  4. Don’t save your specials until the last wave – Use it as early as needed. Which brings me to my next point…
  5. If things are really hard, aim to at least survive the first two waves. Even if you lose Wave 3, it won’t affect your rank.

That’s about it! I hope you still got something out of these.

Enjoy playing!



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