Splatoon Diaries: Splatfest, Kensa Weapons, and Ruins of Ark Polaris

team salsa

Congrats Team Salsa!


[First Impressions] Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2

Before, I was so set on getting a red and blue joycons for my switch. But then, I would have to buy a separate game to be able to use my console. Buying means an additional $56 on my budget. A friend of mine recommended that the cheaper way to buy a console was to get a bundle. Now the bundles available are Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey. I watched Hikakin’s playthrough of the Odyssey first and I wasn’t quite sure I’d like it. Then, I watched Splatoon 2 playthroughs and instantly fell in love. Who wouldn’t love inking areas to your heart’s content? Besides, Splatoon 2 reminds me of one of my favorite game on the Nintendo DS back in the days. I don’t know if any of you knows it, but the title is de Blob. Splatoon 2 seemed like a more fab and kickass version of de Blob.

Persona 4 Golden


Title: Persona 4 Golden
Company: Atlus
Platform: PS Vita
Boss battles
Max Social Link
Fusion Recipe
IGN wiki and Gamefaqs threads

Persona 4 Golden is something I never thought I’d really love. While I did enjoy my time in P3P before, I still have a trauma to its repetitive battle system. When I started P4G, I was screaming (internally) “I love this. I love this! I LOVE THIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!” at every chance I get. I understand now why this game is popular.

Persona 3 Portable (Male MC)

Facepalm moment #1

So finally, after what felt like years, I’ve finished P3P. Yay!

In P3P, you can choose to be a guy or a girl. The latter is a PSP exclusive and if you want to have a different “POV”. I don’t have much idea about this game so I start off with the male MC.

First things first. I can’t assure you that there won’t be any spoiler in this post. This is a Recents post so expect lots. You might have sense it in your gut already though lol. Just thought I should warn you again. 🙂

The World Ends With You

Title: The World Ends With You
Company: Square Enix, Jupiter
Release Date: April 22, 2008 (North America)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Official Site: http://www.theworldendswithyou.com/

The 15-year old Sakuraba Neku wakes up in the middle of Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing with no memories whatsoever other than his name. Confused, he looks around and notices that people don’t even notice his existence. Adding to his confusion, there are these mutated-looking animals roaming the streets. Example are bullfrogs with killer bubbles or scary dark bears. They are known as Noises and they are attacking people. A girl named Shiki suddenly made a pact with him and the two fight off the ‘Noises’.  Shiki explains to Neku that they are Players of the ‘Game’. The Noises that they have faced are not the only ones they should be wary of. There are also Reapers, a group of individuals who are set to erase players like them. Every day for seven days Reapers send out a mission to players. Unable to finish it within the time limit will ensure the erasure from the game.