[Novel] Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Ring Will Confess His Love(そして指輪は告白する)

From the back of the book:

College entrance exams are looming, and Wataru is running out of time to study. Pushing himself every night, he finds he’s losing time with his lover, Yuichi. Their stolen moments together hardly seem to be enough, even though their rings will always connect them. Will they have time for their love to grow together, or will they just grow apart?


Enter a mysterious Christmas card from Yuichi’s old female friend that leaves Wataru in fits of jealousy and confusion. But what’s all this about a passport? Just when Wataru needs him most, Yuichi is jetting off to New York to tend to an old girlfriend, leaving Wataru in the hands of his wicked older brother Shohei, and his rival in love, Asaka Masanobu, who will never give up his love for Wataru’s gentle heart. The two are still set on tearing Wataru and Yuichi apart, each for their own ends. Wataru is attacked from every side, forced to doubt his feelings for the man he loves.


It seems like the only one who wants Wataru and Yuichi together is Asaka’s aggressive younger brother Masa’aki who has a brother complex. But it seems like he’s out for Wataru’s blood, too! With Yuichi thousands of miles away and unable to protect, what will Wataru do in the latest installment of Only the Ring Finger Knows?