[Manga] Kirai Ja nai Kedo (嫌いじゃないけど)


The spin-off of Warui Koto series which features the Student Council Vice President Yukimura Shuuji and the other delinquent Shinonome Ryuuichi. The entire school knows Yuki as the “demon” of the council so most students are afraid of him. However, there is only one person who isn’t afraid of him; even fondly calling him as “Yuki-chan”. This is no other than his nemesis, Shinonome. But Yuki has a dark past he wouldn’t want to be discovered. Unfortunately for him, Shinonome knows this and uses this to his advantage. Will Yuki succumb to this delinquent’s charm?

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[Manga] Warui Ko Demo ii (悪いコでもイイ?)


Towa heard advice from his friend: “All men are beast. Don’t get fooled by their appearance.” Of course, Mikado is not exempted with that. With the ups and downs of their relationship, will Towa finally realize his budding affection for Mikado?

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[Manga] Warui Koto Shitai ( ワルイコトシタイ)


The Student Council has their eye on Towa Aikawa, the school delinquent. He hides out on the rooftop, it’s his special illegal place. He finds Mikado Shirahane on the roof one day. He’s the hottest, smartest guy in school, and now he’s in Towa’s Xanadu…why would Towa find himself falling for him?

Perhaps it’s the passionate kisses and longing looks from the school stud…!?

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