[Manga] La Satanica (ラ・サタニカ)

From MU
“My fingers are definitely sweet!” High school student Matsushima has been wanting to open up his heart to his best friend, Mashita, so when Mashita comes right out and says that, he sends Matsushima’s heart reeling. He hadn’t planned on confessing, but with Mashita’s insinuating behavior, will Matsushima be able to hold his feelings back?


[Manga] Dokusenyoku (独占欲)

Summary: From Manga Updates

The story of the new high school teacher, Ichikura, and the younger brother of his ex-lover, Oda.

Although an excellent student and member of the student council, Oda threatens Ichikura with the relationship between him and his elder brother. Is this the beginning of debauchery in the name of learning?

A collection of one-shots.

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