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Dot Kareshi I -We’re 8-bit Lovers- ~Densetsu Otome~ (ドットカレシ -We’re 8bit Lovers!- I ~でんせつのおとめ~)

Title: ドットカレシ -We’re 8bit Lovers!- I ~でんせつのおとめ~
Company: Rejet
Release Date: July 24, 3013
Platform: PC
Official Site:


You woke up in a familiar world with four equally familiar faces staring back at you. Why, you are inside the game you used to play entitled Unlimited Quest! o/ These guys are the characters from the game and they are holding grudges against you. Thanks to you they have become warped!


Posted in Dot Kareshi, Visual Novel / Otome / BL

[First Impressions] Dot Kareshi I

I’ll admit I’m not that interested in this at first but then I saw reviews and thought that it looks reallyyyy enjoyable that I’m itching to try it. lol

Currently, I’m still in the first few parts of the story and totally enjoying it! These guys are pervs, all of them. XDD They never missed a chance to sexually harass you. 8D

Mind you, these guys have grudges against you so consider those bullying tamer than what you have done to them. (´∀`)

The heroine doesn’t have a name nor a line. But I love seeing her reactions. The convos are fun to read. xD

Anyway, multi-tasking this with Mojuutsukai to Oujisama (I’m on Alfred’s route yay!) and hopefully I can finish these games~~