[Manga] Ore no Kirai na Yankee-kun (俺の嫌いなヤンキーくん。)

俺の嫌いなヤンキーくん。| Ore no Kirai na Yankee-kun.

Mangaka: Tenkawa Ai (天河 藍)

Status: Completed

Serialized in: Gateau Comics

Publisher: Ichijinsha POP

Volume: 1


Kaga’s perfect student mask is discovered by none other than the school’s delinquent Saotome. But then Kaga discovers that Saotome gets a hard-on with just the slightest touch from him. The usually loud and flashy Saotome blushing timidly under him has a certain that he couldn’t quite resist…


Another delinquent uke. LOL These ukes are too adorable to pass.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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