[Novel] S 4: Afterglow (エス 4: 残光 )

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エス 4: 残光 / S 4: Afterglow by Saki Aida

Written by: Aida Saki (英田サキ)

Illustrated by: Nara Chiharu (奈良千春)

English Publisher: June

Status: Completed

Volumes: 4

Summary: (from the back of the book)

At the end of S volume 3, detective Masaki Shiiba was last seen running away from the hospital room of his injured S, Keigo Munechika. Now, Shiiba has turned in his resignation, bought a gun of his own, and is bent on only one mission — to kill Takanari Godou.


Shiiba’s instincts are telling him that Godou was the one who had killed his sister Yukari and is the person responsible for Munechika’s injury. He vows to get the truth from Godou, even if he has to throw away his morals and life to do it. But can he do it? Can he shoot another person and commit cold-blooded murder for revenge? When he finds out more information about Godou’s past, will his resolution waver? And when the young Kiri Yoshizawa is thrown into the chaotic mix, can Shiiba accomplish his plans without any remorse?

Previous volumes here.

Finally! The elusive volume 4 is now mine muawahaha!

Seriously, though, it’s really hard to get a copy of this book. If I haven’t already gotten the first 3 books, I would have opted for a digital copy. But I was dead set on completing my copy. After 48 years of waiting, June reprinted this. Thank goodness.


Here goes…

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

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Hakushaku to Yousei (伯爵と妖精) light novels get a digital release!

This is, like, the best news of 2019.



One of the main reasons why I started to learn Japanese was because of Hakushaku to Yousei (HakuYou). I loved Edgar and Lydia’s relationship and the anime could only give me so much. Don’t even mention the manga because it didn’t go further in their story.


Unlike these days, the translation of the series was few and far in between back then. It frustrated me to no end.


So when I got into ebooks years later, the first thing that I did was to search for HakuYou. To my dismay, it wasn’t available for digital reading! Who knows how much I spammed the “request for title” button on both Rakuten Kobo and Amazon JP sites lol.


But now, we can finally read this amazing book in the digital format! Check out Amayan’s post where she also includes the sites where you can buy this series.

my fantastical corner

Not a review post but to mention that the popular series by Tani Mizue is finally released digitally across various Japanese ebook retailers!!

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[Novel] S 3: Split (エス 3: 裂罅 )


Synopsis: (From the back of the book)

Undercover detective Msaki Shiiba has one mission in life – to eradicate guns in Japan. It’s an overwhelmingly tough job, but Shiiba’s willing to give up his body, his soul, even his life to achieve his goal. He’s also willing to use anyone to get what he wants.


For almost a year now, Shiiba has been using Keigo Munechika as his “S,” his spy, to get information on the gun dealings of the Yakuza world. Shiiba uses his body in exchange for Munechika’s sensitive information… and only his body as far as Shiiba is concerned. Shiiba vows their relationship will not go beyond that.


A new case and some new information further complicate this difficult relationship. When a rowdy young man with a penchant for piercing and an enigmatic Yakuza leader cross paths with the young detective, sins of hte past are unearthed once more. Sins— sins that just might shatter the fragile bond between the detective and his “S.”

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[Novel] The Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes

That is a long title. /sigh

First off, am I the only who doesn’t get the hype for Konohara Narise novels? Don’t Worry Mama is average, this one is almost the same. Heck, I can’t even sympathize with any of the characters.

Rant ahead. Proceed with caution.

[Novel] Don’t Worry Mama

From the back of the book:

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could pick one person to keep you company, who would you choose?


For Yuichi, it would be anyone but his uncooperative, self-absorbed, good-for-nothing boss Imakura! But as fate would have it, the two are mistakenly left on a deserted island during an important research expedition. Yuichi would prefer to drown Imakura in the sea with his bare hands rather than listen to his constant complaining. But as the days fade into weeks, Yuichi finds himself craving Imakura’s company more than civilization itself.


Will the two find a forbidden love in this tropical paradise? Or will Yuichi and Imakura live out their lives stranded on a deserted island with the one person in the world they can’t stand?


Originally published as a short story, Don’t Worry Mama returns as a full-length novel with an all new bonus story, “Present.” Written by Narise Konohara, one of Japan’s best yaoi novelists, this story of “love on an island paradise” is sure to delight.


[Novel] S 1 (エス 1)

From the back of the book:

Welcome to Shinjuku district’s Kabukicho, Japan’s red light district. Here, the streets are dotted with bars, pachinko parlors and “love hotels”, which cater to all sexes and sexual orientations. These are the streets which Detective Masaki Shiiba must patrol.


A recent rise in gun crimes forces shiiba to go undercover and work with an “S” or spy, a member of a crime organization tasked to hand over information in exchange for special favors. Shiiba’s S is a man from the influential Matsukura Group, and someone who seems to have developed a fondness for Shiiba.


But when the detective gets a mysterious call warning him about his S, seeds of doubt are planted. If he can’t trust his S, who can he trust?


[Novel] Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Finger Never Sleeps(その指だけは眠らない)

From the back of the book:

Wataru Fujii and Yuichi Kazuki have been through many trials and tribulations, but when Yuichi goes to New York to visit Mizuho, an old girlfriend who is facing major surgery, Wataru begins to have doubts about the wisdom of letting him go. His worst fears seem to be realized when with only a limited explanation, Yuichi sends his ring back to wataru! What can the return of Yuichi’s precious ring – the symbol of his relationship with Wataru – possibly mean?


In Tokyo, while Wataru worries and fumes, Yuichi’s older brother Shohei Kazuki continues scheming to end Wataru and Yuichi’s relationship. His reluctant ally in this endeavor is Masanobu Asaka – Yuichi’s senpai who confessed to Wataru! Will Shohei succeed in breaking up the two boys? Or will Wataru and Yuichi’s love each other prevail?


Don’t miss Only the Ring Finger Knows, Volume 5, the beautiful conclusion to the Only the Ringer Knows saga from writer Satoru Kannagi and illustrator Hotaru Odagiri. Includes the side stories A Spring Break Secret and The Week Until the Ring Finger, which tells the beginning of Wataru and Yuichi’s relationship from Yuichi’s point of view.


[Novel] Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Ring Will Confess His Love(そして指輪は告白する)

From the back of the book:

College entrance exams are looming, and Wataru is running out of time to study. Pushing himself every night, he finds he’s losing time with his lover, Yuichi. Their stolen moments together hardly seem to be enough, even though their rings will always connect them. Will they have time for their love to grow together, or will they just grow apart?


Enter a mysterious Christmas card from Yuichi’s old female friend that leaves Wataru in fits of jealousy and confusion. But what’s all this about a passport? Just when Wataru needs him most, Yuichi is jetting off to New York to tend to an old girlfriend, leaving Wataru in the hands of his wicked older brother Shohei, and his rival in love, Asaka Masanobu, who will never give up his love for Wataru’s gentle heart. The two are still set on tearing Wataru and Yuichi apart, each for their own ends. Wataru is attacked from every side, forced to doubt his feelings for the man he loves.


It seems like the only one who wants Wataru and Yuichi together is Asaka’s aggressive younger brother Masa’aki who has a brother complex. But it seems like he’s out for Wataru’s blood, too! With Yuichi thousands of miles away and unable to protect, what will Wataru do in the latest installment of Only the Ring Finger Knows?



[Novel] Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Ring Finger Falls Silent(くすり指は沈黙する)

From the back of the book:

Wataru and Yuichi have spent a blissful year watching their relationship soar to new heights. But with the added responsibilities of exit exams and a stressful job, both boys know that their stolen moments together are more precious than ever. Of course, their enchantingly handsome faces and unique personalities attract admiration from those both near and far…and when the sweet and sincere Masanobu decides that Wataru is an uncanny reminder of a love long-past, his attachment poses an immediate threat to the passionate couple. With a meddling older brother, jealous schoolgirls and a school-wide auction all thrown into the mix, will Yuichi and Wataru have no choice but to offer up their secret to the public, or go into hiding…forever?


Two rings bind Yuichi and Wataru in their intense love affair, but the very same rings also symbolize their secret pain in The Ring Finger Falls Silent. Prying eyes and selfish schemes meet them at every turn, and it seems no one can resist wondering about their intense relationship. Will the cost of guarding their racing hearts ultimately drive them apart? Deeper understanding and trust are there to save the day…but only if they can stay together.


[Novel] Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Left Hand Dreams of Him(左手は彼の夢を見る)

From the back of the book:

Now that the model-perfect Yuichi is firmly established as a top student at a prestigious University, his high-school senior boyfriend Wataru cherishes every quiet moment that the two can find amidst the clamor of study schedules and fascinated outsiders. And when Yuichi decides to take the excited Wataru on an exotic getaway, what could be more perfect? Yuichi is forced to find part-time work to afford the much-needed trip…and that’s where the trouble begins to brew. Curious co-workers and flaring jealousy soon threaten the lovers, and find cracks begin to show in the still-new foundation of their young relationship. Do Wataru and Yuichi have a love that’s truly build-to-last? Can they work together to create the future they’ve always dreamed of, or will their fantasies come crashing down?


Passion build and tempers flare in The Left Hand Dreams of Him. Wataru and Yuichi may think that the biggest challenges of their new love are far behind them, but no one said the’d be left alone for-good! Even a private vacation getaway is full of meddling intruders who seem to have their sights set on disrupting the careful lovers. Their matchingings unite them in heart and spirit…will the men trust in this special bond enough to weather the storms of controversy?