I was reading Love Aroma Body -Extra Episode- from Pink Gold a while ago. Obviously, I couldn’t understand the story at ALL because it is just an extra story of another manga. I tried searching for a synopsis of Love Aroma but I couldn’t find anything other than the one-shot included in the book which is this one.

Once upon a time, during my early days as a BL fan, I used to read all of Minami Haruka’s work. Then one day, I hit my head and realized that there are much better manga out there lol.

I have nothing against her works. The art is pretty but too shoujo-ish (I can see all the flowers and sparkles all over them). The plot… well, to hell with plot. We’ll just screw each other! o/

They’re not at all bad. I should know since I’ve read most of her works (not the recent one though). Some have some plot in it, say Bitter. The others are typical or no love whatsoever at all (I’m not even counting the shota ones), only pure screwing up. Wait I’m getting derailed from the topic ^^;;. Point is, I’ve been trying to avoid any of her works for the longest time.

Anyway, I’ve tried this one-shot and wow. Just, wow. I hate to say it, but I’ll still say it… I liked the story. |D  For the record, I’m not into nekomimi (or cat-like, dog-like or whatever you call them) characters as I always unconsciously think that those tails will get in the way xD;;. But who can resist a brooding and aloof uke and a flirty seme? <3 There’s unrequited love in here and that alone is my weakness. Tut tut. That’s not all.  We have a slight angst because of the seme. Gossssh I am so tempted to write here about it but nooo I won’t spoil you. 😛 All I have to say is, that very last panel is super love!

I guess you can say that I’m pleasantly surprised by this one-shot. I totally don’t expect Minami to pull that kind of story, but she still did. Maybe there’s still some hope. Who knows, I might encounter another one of her works and possibly liked it too.


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3 thoughts on “[Manga] Momomimi Pheromone”
  1. I agree with you, the hell with the plot XD
    I love Minami Haruka’s works =3 I read almost all her mangas and I like almost all of them.
    This one I still didn’t read, but I plan to… =3

    1. Her H-scenes and pretty art are her selling point in her manga. XD
      Read this~~ I hope she makes this as a 1 volume manga than a one-shot. 😀

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