…don’t have a pic because I couldn’t find a good scanned cover etc sobs.

I didn’t think that the one who created that Makamisama no Iuutori would be the same person behind Naughty Honey. Btw, this is apparently a one-shot from Ultimate Venus.

Kayako catches her boyfriend with another girl. She punches him and knocks his front teeth. Ex-boyfriend demands her to pay it so she takes on a tutoring job to get the money she needed. Turns out that the guy she is supposed to tutor is a handsome playboy who sees love as nothing more than a beneficial relationship.

Wth is with her ex. He is the one who cheated on her and now he is demanding her to pay for his teeth? Wow. Total jerk.

If anyone is wondering, the playboy is a junior in  high school and Kayako is a university student. Their exact age gap isn’t stated though.

Kayako is a level-headed girl and a pretty one too. Finally, a good-looking couple~. I mean, the girl’s not the usual flat-chested, plain-looking, and unpopular girl. She isn’t afraid to fight back a.k.a throw a punch to the guys and talk back to bitches. I am in awe. You go girl! And she didn’t lecture the younger guy Haru just because it’s the moral thing to do but because she knows about it by experiencing it first hand.

I find the romance shallow. I am even surprised when the guy confessed because it don’t feel right. You know the feeling that he must have said that line to a bunch of girls? Yeah that one.

Compared with Makamisama, Kayako and Haru are nicely drawn. Meanwhile, everyone and everything faded in the background.


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