[Novel] Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Left Hand Dreams of Him(左手は彼の夢を見る)

From the back of the book:

Now that the model-perfect Yuichi is firmly established as a top student at a prestigious University, his high-school senior boyfriend Wataru cherishes every quiet moment that the two can find amidst the clamor of study schedules and fascinated outsiders. And when Yuichi decides to take the excited Wataru on an exotic getaway, what could be more perfect? Yuichi is forced to find part-time work to afford the much-needed trip…and that’s where the trouble begins to brew. Curious co-workers and flaring jealousy soon threaten the lovers, and find cracks begin to show in the still-new foundation of their young relationship. Do Wataru and Yuichi have a love that’s truly build-to-last? Can they work together to create the future they’ve always dreamed of, or will their fantasies come crashing down?


Passion build and tempers flare in The Left Hand Dreams of Him. Wataru and Yuichi may think that the biggest challenges of their new love are far behind them, but no one said the’d be left alone for-good! Even a private vacation getaway is full of meddling intruders who seem to have their sights set on disrupting the careful lovers. Their matchingings unite them in heart and spirit…will the men trust in this special bond enough to weather the storms of controversy?