I waited long and endured Senge’s route just to get here.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Misaki’s my favorite right off the bat after seeing him flirt with Kyou. 😂 I did mention him on my First Impressions post and I’ve been looking forward to his route since then. I surprised myself for taking an interest to Misaki since he didn’t look the part. He’s just a wild-looking random guy. If we’re talking about looks, I’m more interested in Senge’s silky hair and Tatebayashi’s prince-like appearance lol.

Misaki — the well-rounded, OP guy

Kyou meets Misaki when he buys his stash of senbei. The two exchange words about a lot of things such as Kyou’s sword. Kyou, then, becomes intrigued about Misaki’s name and begins asking things about Misaki. Instead of answering, Misaki turns this into flirting instead. 😂😂😂 Despite his friendliness, Misaki is actually quite good at evading questions — which leads to a bit of misunderstanding later.

That bare shoulder though! 😂😂😂

While he appears to be a random passerby that neither Kyou nor the rest of the characters ever meet before the story begins, Misaki seems to know many things about them. He just knows things. Period.

Another thing that really stands out was his attachment to Kyou. They’ve just met but Misaki already comes flying when Kyou is in a pinch. And he does that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He’s the true knight-in-shining-armor, even if he looks like a rogue. He is always always there for Kyou. He never fails to help Kyou despite his complaints. Ain’t that sweet? 😍

Also, he constantly reprimands Kyou not to get too involved with the military affairs and all that dead stuff (which of course Kyou never listened to).

While Misaki often acts like a carefree vagabond, he can fight well. Shigure and Senge have swords, and Tatebayashi has a gun, Misaki has…fists. But he’s still stronger than all of them! He knows a lot of sutras, prayers, and all that. He’s so OP for well…reasons.

I’m so sad that I’m playing this on PS Vita so I couldn’t see the rest of the delicious food on that tray.

On top of his combat skills, Misaki is a very good house husband lol. While protecting Kyou from the spirits, he starts living with Kyou. Misaki does the cleaning, cooking, taking care of Kyou, among other things.


I loved every minute and every scene Misaki appears especially if it involves an interaction with Kyou. But while I would love to say that sparks fly when Misaki and Kyou first meet, there’s really nothing big like that. Like with most guys in the game, Kyou grows attached to Misaki the more time they spend with each. It’s not that obvious but little by little Kyou’s feelings for him progresses.

True End

Misaki’s route is plot-heavy and is tied to the True End.

The True End is only available once you unlock all the other ends. Not just the good ends, but finish every end available in each route. Don’t be like me who goes back to the other ends after finishing Misaki’s route and suffered from knowing the important plot points. 😂

So the True End continues after Misaki’s good end. It deals upon the issues that have been lurking in the shadows from the start — the one that I’ve been itching to resolve in Senge’s route.

In this one, the meaning of the title is explained. Yume-chan from chocolatemix gives an explanation about it. I totally missed it (😅), but thank goodness for her explanation and that line from the game made sense. It also makes sense how there seems to be an emphasis on how Taishou has already ended and how the end of the period serves as the turning point in some routes.

This is my favorite end, not just because of the revelation of the mastermind (this is more of a confirmation than a revelation since it is already hinted wayy back in Tatebayashi’s route 😅), but because of the closure it brings to the rest of the characters. For instance, it clears the bad blood between Gohongatana and Tatebayashi’s group.

At the same time, this end made me change my impression on Senge. Now that I’m looking at things objectively, Senge may have his creepy ways but he’s acting on what he thinks would benefit his greater plan. He’d do everything and anything just to get to his goal. And he wouldn’t have second thoughts on hacking away anyone who hindered his path. I’m not saying that his methods are right but I certainly get where he’s coming from.

Oh and I think what made me see him in a different light was during his talk with Tatebayashi, when Senge realized that there’s something wrong happening and then the two started working together. Senge’s not the one who follows with blind loyalty. He follows his goal alone and anything or anyone who could help him achieve it. At that moment, the Queen poses as a threat to the entire country — the country he wants to protect and rise above all nations.

I may have felt bad for him — just a little, in this route when the Queen coaxed him that her plan would help him as well. Then he tries to imagine a world with his mother and sister. Also when Misaki said that he’s finally free and how it’s been hard on him all along. I just… 😔

As for Misaki and Kyou, got to love all of their flirtings! Misaki getting jealous to just about everyone who approaches Kyou is. 👌

Below are some of the screenshots from Misaki’s route!

This was when there was a misunderstanding between Kyou and Misaki. Kyou called out for Shigure’s advice. Shigure thought that something happened to the military. But then, it turned out to be a lover’s spat. 😂 Kyou’s super cute here www.

All those times Misaki helps Kyou even if he isn’t the ‘main’ guy:

And then my heart bled again when I saw this:


Basically, in this scene, Kyou’s asking Misaki if it would be okay for Misaki to not let Kyou know anything about Misaki and what happened in the past. Even if he ends up with another person. It reminds me of all those times Kyou ends up with the other guys. 😭😭😭

Next up: Final thoughts about the game!



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