Taishou Mebiusline - Tatebayashi Kai

I was excited to play Tatebayashi’s route when I started the game. Just look at him looking like the knight-in-shining-armor. Character design-wise, he is more of my go-to favorite character.

However, after Shigure, I’ve gotten attached to the Gohongatana group. I loved the chemistry Shigure and Kyou have as partners in everything. I was afraid that Tatebayashi’s side of the story might not be as interesting as Shigure’s. But it proved that that is not the case. It was interesting but not because of Tatebayashi.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Like in Shigure’s route, Kyou meets Tatebayashi when our hero got between the fight between the soldiers and Shigure. They meet again at Kyou’s favorite senbei shop where Tatebayashi invites him to a cafe. The two of them talk things through and Tatebayashi invites Kyou to help him and his group.

Taishou Mebiusline - Tatebayashi Kai

Tatebayashi’s group is composed of 4 other members namely the Ise twins, Yuuma, and Tokito. All of them have powers much like the Gohongatana members. Also, similar to Senge’s team, Tatebayashi and co is tasked to handle Shigure’s group.

Tatebayashi comes from a wealthy clan and is really a ‘prince’ so to speak. While he looks stern, he cares a lot for his subordinates. This kindness is what Kyou admired from him. The thing is, every member of his group has a strong character and interesting backgrounds so they pretty much stole the spotlight from him.


One example would be the Ise twins. In my first playthrough, I thought Kaoru and Kahoru are just too proud of their powers and status. Especially Kaoru. He’s even such a whiny brat. Always saying ‘Nii-sama, Nii-sama.’ But once Kyou starts hanging out with them, Kaoru turns out to be such an adorable cake. He is clingy and playful. He may be annoying at times, but it is Kaoru’s way of being affectionate. As for Kahoru, he is only protective of his younger brother. That revelation about them though and what happened to them in the middle of the story. (π0π) ウルルルル

Next would be Yuuma. Since I’ve already finished Shigure’s story, I’m already aware of Yuuma’s aim. But he proved to be another important side-character in this route with how he supports the rest of the group with his powers. It is especially helpful when Tatebayashi asks him to look after Kyou. (≧∪≦)

Tokito is the only female member of this group. She didn’t do much at first other than looking chic and cool. But that one scene near the end where she scolds the Queen is so badass.


Speaking of side-characters, I need to mention Tatebayashi’s butler, Jiiya. It’s fun to have him around. He takes care of everyone’s needs but is also quick to tell them off if they’re being brats www. Also, I loved watching him tease Tatebayashi by calling him “Bochan” which embarrasses Tatebayashi to no end www.

With how much I love Shigure’s route for its plot and romance, I prepared myself to be disappointed (because you can’t always have nice things lol). The route isn’t disappointing, per se. It’s just that, there’s a lot of things going on that if it isn’t for Kaoru, I don’t know if the romance moved as it had. Yet even if Kaoru started teasing Tatebayashi and Kyou, I didn’t even notice that they like each other, especially for Tatebayashi. While he does some smooth things like watching over Kyou, sending him home, buying Kyou what he wants, it seems like he’ll do it to anyone close to him. I mean, it isn’t far-fetched to imagine him doing that to the other members of his team.

Taishou Mebiusline - Tatebayashi Kai

Kyou though (◉◞౪◟◉ ). He surprised me. First with his otome feels and then his seduction mode happens… and I was like |▽//)ゝテレテレ. Otome feels because of how Kyou acted in front of Tatebayashi. For instance, when he saw Tatebayashi escorting the Emperor and riding a white horse, Kyou thinks of how manly Tatebayashi looks. When our prince flashes a smile to Kyou, he blushes like a heroine in a shoujo manga ww. Though I’d say, Kyou’s realization scene is much more of a shoujo manga – leaning on the door, hugging the thing Tatebayashi bought for him and thinking how much he’d fallen for him. Kyou please. (๑→‿←๑)

Taishou Mebiusline - Tatebayashi Kai

The best thing that happened here is, surprisingly, has nothing to do with Tatebayashi again www. The best thing is the appearance of the entire Hiiragi family. I’ve been wanting to see Kyou’s sister and father ever since his mother appeared in Shigure’s route. Kyou mentioned some interesting bits about his family and I got intrigued. I’m so happy that they get to appear in the end.

While Shigure remains my favorite route/character, Tatebayashi is an okay character. I’d pick him over Senge any time of the day. There isn’t much romance but the route gives a hint of what is happening in the background so I’m okay with that.

Next up, Senge Iori! I’m not really excited to do his route but after him will be Misaki so I have no choice but to push through, I guess www.


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