The House in Fata Morgana A Requiem for Innocence

Aside from the main story of this fandisk, which is A Requiem for Innocence, the game includes short interesting stories. Like with Requiem, the focus of the stories remain on friendship and companionship. Save for Michel and Giselle’s part.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

The House in Fata Morgana A Requiem for Innocence Sub Episodes

The sub episodes include the following – Assento Dele, Tales Wasted Away in Obscurity, and Happily Ever ~After~.

Assento Dele (His Chair)

After spending some time in the outside world in Requiem, now we’re back at the mansion. Michel finds a stranger who passed out in front of the mansion. The guy introduces himself as Imeon. He looks like a walking mummy with all those bandages covering his body and face. His search for the Witch drives him to the cursed mansion despite his condition.

The House in Fata Morgana A Requiem for Innocence

I can’t choose between Odilon and Imeon as my favorite super minor character. Both are awesome. Both made me cry buckets ww. If Odilon gives off that serious mentor vibes, Imeon is far different. His vibrant personality gives life to the bleak aura of the mansion. In contrast with Michel, Imeon is chill and jokes a lot. But like anyone who sets foot in the mansion, he is not without a dark past.

Michel and Imeon could have been great friends. I’m so wishing they’d crossed paths in the modern world. I love how they find a place where they feel at home, even if they are almost strangers, even in that dark, isolated, and cursed mansion. That goes to show that home is not a physical place per se. Home is where your heart is.

The House in Fata Morgana A Requiem for Innocence

Tales Wasted Away in Obscurity

This part is divided into three short episodes.

A Slow Killing Poison

Remember Nellie’s fiance, Arthur? He returns in the FD to tell us what happened to the Rhodes family after the tragedy that befalls on them. While Arthur only appears in this short story, I liked him as a narrator and as a character. Still quite arrogant but not a complete jerk, he shows how much he cares for his childhood friends.


This one tells the story of the time when Yukimasa still has his wild side on a leash. After docking to one of the ports, he meets another lost soul. They then try to find whatever they are searching for in one another.

As always, I find it hard to understand Yukimasa. @_@

The painting

Georges might have been in the shadow of Didier in the 1st game. But he is actually a fave character of mine. I was disappointed that he didn’t have that much backstory but I’m happy that he has one in the sequel.

Georges, as a painting, tells us what happened to their family after Michel was gone. With his personality, he narrates in a cheerful manner. That makes me feel sadder because there’s a tinge of regret in his tone. He may be the happy-go-lucky guy in the Bollinger family but he isn’t a complete airhead. He is far introspective than what he’s letting on.

One little note though. It makes me happy how he brings up the subject of Aimee’s fling with Didier because she deserves it. She’s just an evil, evil character. God, I hate her ww.

Happily Ever ~After~

This is the only truly happy thing (aside from the backstory. But well, that’s usually happy and snarky.) in this fandisk.

The House in Fata Morgana A Requiem for Innocence

Michel and Giselle have a date, getting all cutesy and flirty together. Normally I’d raise an eyebrow on an excessive display of affection. But knowing everything they have to go through in every era, I am so down for this. They earned it. Flirt more!

And just for the lols, be sure to check out all the movies during the date. It’s so amusing to see Michel and Giselle’s reaction in each film. It won’t affect the story so there’s no harm done.

There is a very pleasant surprise in the end that you should definitely look forward to. I may have squealed a bit ww.

That’s it for the short episodes. Next will be about the Gift part and the Bonus Track.



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