After getting Kei-kun’s normal ending, all the adrenaline rush I’ve felt during the playthrough left my body. Still, I pursued my original plan and go after Himurocchi.

Another dateable guy in the game, Himuro Reiichi is the heroine’s homeroom teacher. You’ll meet him in your first day of school and he commented on your crooked scarf.

During his route, I mastered the skinships! Yay! At first, I was really timid in poking him. I poked him the way I did to Kei. Along the game, I realized that you could poked him: at the start of the date (whenever possible), before going inside the dating place, after giving the right answer when he asked question (the part where he is commenting on your answer), and when he bid you goodbye at the end of the study dates. If he is already asking you on dates, you can poke him almost at every conjecture! ^_^ Even before going home when he drove you after the date. I was surprise I could do skinships on those times. Kei-kun wouldn’t let me do some skinships before we part. T_T

I ignored every guy while aiming for Himurocchi’s ending. Even Kei which is quite heartbreaking. 🙁 I find his route somewhat easy to get (not as easy as Morimura’s though but more on that on later posts). Even if Sensei is almost the same as Kei (same likes, same attitude), his parameters are not that tedious to get. So I joined the Brass band club as early as possible. Play a lot with Natsumi (she’s my fave gal friend in the game) so that I could raise my parameter important to unlock Alucard. Work on my parameters. Bought Pure clothes (and scout for scrunchies). Then, I’m all set and just wait for his study dates.

Since I’m ignoring Kei-kun his stat became >_<. Yeah, total hatred. I panicked because based on what I’ve read on the net, you should make sure that the guys are on 🙂 state if you want Sensei to move to 😀 state. I only have Kei-kun and Morimura as my guy pals, both having >_< state. However, the latter guy improves his state and moves to neutral once I’ve improved my Int stat. To my surprise, Sensei moved from 🙂 to 😀 even if Kei hated me. 😀 What I did, I played on my gal friends (Tamami, Shiho, Natsumi) so all of them are in 😀 state as well.

I find Sensei extremely adorable when blushing and stuttering in front of the girl he likes. >///////////< He’s my 2nd fave, next to Kei-kun and Tendou-kun who tied up in 1st place. XDDDD It never failed to cracked me up whenever he is saying that they’re not going on a date, it’s a social studies something (forgot the term =.=).

His route is satisfying albeit not as satifying as Kei-kun’s but still good. His CGs are good, too. You can see his rough up image and an inner Reiichi-san. His ending is sweet. *swoons*

Now back to Kei-kun’s best friend ending.:D

PS I might add some pics on this post as well on Kei and Tendou’s routes when I have lotsa free time. 😛


10 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus – Himuro Reiichi”
  1. After I got Kei’s endings, it was like a bitter sweet moment for me…after all the effort and stuff I’ve been through…It was..well I think you get what I mean…I plan to pursue Himuro next…ugh! this is gonna be hard for me…! I’m still head over heels with Kei!!!

    1. What’s your fave Kei-chan ending? :3 Mine’s his best friend confession ending. It’s just sooo much sweeter. >//////////////////<
      Himuro-sensei is a lot like Kei, minus the over-the-top stats and date requirements. It's also quite heartbreaking how you become quite unsocial for Himuro. :3

  2. Hallo ^^

    I unfortunately could not stay with the kei late in the game. could you tell me what are the values ​​of the study, art, sport, etc., which do I need to get Kei late in the game? I know that beings have very high values​​, but what is the exact number of these values​​?^_______^

    Thank you ^_^


    Bye Bye

    1. I’m sorry for the late reply. ^^;;
      These are Kei’s parameter for his normal ending: Required parameters: Intelligence 150, Arts 150, Fitness 150, Style 150,
      Social 100, Charm 100

      Enjoy! ^^

  3. Have you gotten himuro’s friendship confession ending?
    For some reason I couldn’t get it. Do you have any info for getting it?

  4. For me getting Himuro-sensei is EXTREMELY hard and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong [damn I really want his ending T^T].
    I’ve read that required parameters are: Intelligence 150, Fitness 120, Social 120. Do you agree with that?
    I would really appreciate some support >3<

    1. Here are the ending requirements from fireylight’s guide:
      Ending 1
      ~ Date him more than 8 times
      ~ Tokimeki state
      ~ Required parameters: Intelligence 150, Fitness 120, Social 120

      Ending 2
      ~ Must be Best Friends
      ~ Reject the first guy at the chapel, and get his ending.

      Ending 3
      ~ Must be Best Friends
      ~ Love points must be higher than friendship points (on panel)
      ~ When faced with the option of going to the chapel or to the beach, choose

      So about your question, yep that is the correct stats. Did you fulfill the other 2 requirements mentioned above? :O

      1. somehow I had good stats and all he would do is move to 🙂 ,but not higher. but I’ll try one more time!
        thank you ^^

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