Taking a breather from playing TokiMemo GS non-stop, I decided to play Vampire Knight DS. This game is not new however, it was released a few years back. I have a limited knowledge in Japanese so most of the time I rely on this walkthrough by fireylight (same author of TMGS walkthrough). During the game, I just listened to the voices of the guys all throughout. Meaning, I skipped the parts where Yuki was narrating.

Onto the game. I can’t tell if this is a visual novel or a stat-building game. ^^;; Perhaps the latter. The story follows the original plot though some parts were altered. You play as Cross Yuki, a student and prefect of Cross Academy. I must admit I squealed a lot at the start of the game. Hearing Rinne Rondo while seeing the op vid of the game made me missed the characters. Speaking of opening video, it was only pictures of the guys showing randomly while the song is playing.

The game started with you doing your guardian duties, that is, preventing the rabid fangirls to get near the Night class. Ta~da! You’ll get your first CG of the game, the guys of the Night class. It may have been only me but I find the characters kind of weird (?). I can’t tell whether it has something to do with the character design because their head are kind of big compared to the usual ones we see in the anime/manga.

There are mini games in this one too. You should know how I sucked with mini-games and VK game is not an exemption. >_> During the Day class, you can play these games. Choosing any of it can increase your parameters and the parameters of the guys, I think. About the mini games, I wouldn’t dwell about them much here. Go read the walkthrough instead. ^^;; Being the heroine, you need to perform guardian duties while the Night classes are on going. The mini games here shoved me in the face how lame I am in doing this. The only game I got a great job score is when you have to find the students of Day class wandering around. There’s also the *ehem* stalking part where you’ll watch your guy from the window using binoculars. If he opened his eyes while stalking, he’ll get mad. Getting caught 3 times means low score of course. ^^

On the first chapter of the game, there’s this Valentine chocolate giving event. I’ve taken the liberty to take the photos of the guys and their reactions when they received a choco from me (this only, however, in Yuki’s imagination I think). Photos are somewhat crappy. T_T

Right now, the game’s currently on hold. First, I got tired doing the same things every day (more precisely, every night), mini-games in almost every part of the school map. And second, I’m pretty much busy with school stuff so I’ll just get back to it later. ^^


2 thoughts on “Vampire Knight DS”
  1. Ah, I’ve played this game back in 2008? and ditched it since I keep getting lost without a map lol. The art’s gorgeous but the eyeless Yuki ruined the CGs for me.. xD

    1. That’s one complex map! >_> I had to draw it before on a paper then couldn’t find the paper afterwards. I’m getting bored wasting my time going around the academy. =.=
      Haha! True. I find eyeless Yuki pretty creepy. She looked like a stalker from the Day Class. XD

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