Title: ときめきメモリアルガールズサイドザードストーリー
Company: Konami
Release Date: June 24, 2010
Platform: DS
Official Site: http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/Girls_Side/3rd_Story/

Walkthrough: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/980509-tokimeki-memorial-girls-side-3rd-story/faqs/61387 / http://www.aleema.com/tokimemo3/

Since the PSP port will be released on March 15th, I’ve decided to have a “refresher course” lol of TMGS. The first time I’ve tried to play this, I couldn’t decide if I’ll go after Ruka or Niina. But of course, I ended up going after the main guy just like what I did on previous TMGS.

The setting is back to Habataki High School after 7 years (from TMGS1). You play as a high school girl and you have 3 years to capture the heart of the guy you want to end up with. Some characters from the 1st game are still around and are given a minor role here.

I’ll just give a brief overview of the changes and other things that I noticed in this one before ranting writing about Ruka’s route (≡^∇^≡). Most of you might have already played this by this time so I wouldn’t go into deep explanations and whatnot ^^;;.

They’ve really set the bar high this time. Not only in terms of the characters but also the settings and game menu. Since this is set in the same school and town just like the 1st game, they managed to keep the places looked the same yet the improvement is evident.

I usually liked 2-4 characters because the others are not appealing (even if their route seemed sweet and all). However, I like all the main guys in TMGS 3. They looked more lively.

Of course, the fashion levels up too! o(^▽^)o Each guy doesn’t just have one fixed style that he likes. You have to dress according to what style that he likes and based on what’s written on the fashion page of Goro and Himeko. That way, Karen will complement you and she’ll say if you’re progressing on your fashion level. The higher level that you have, the more fashion styles and combinations you can make, the more the guy likes! xD

Also, if you managed to get to level 5, Karen will give you a present which will still be available on your next playthrough. I’ve only managed to get the 1st present which is a red dress. When you wear this, it will turn your style to Ultra (like Ultra Natural, Ultra Cute etc). Each present will boost something so it’s important to also take note of your clothes! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

Mini games
I have to say that I hate minigames. I suck big time 。(´д`lll) . Thank goodness they didn’t change the only minigame that I can do. It’s during the Sports Day and you’ll have to do the Three-Legged game. The other games are Rolling the Ball in which I don’t have the slightest idea on how to do this, I fail most of the time. The last being the Ball Fight where you need to have the most number of balls inside the basket.

There’s still the Pillow Fight where you have to throw pillows on your opponent’s side. The side who has the least number of pillows by the time the teacher comes wins the game. And just like the Ball Fight, my partner and I usually win through luck lol.

In the previous game, I usually choose the Band Club. But then, someone on the TMGS LJ Comm told me that being on the Handicrafts club will keep both of your stats and test rankings safe. I tried it here in TMGS 3 and the results? It only up Art and Style (and Social I think? Not really sure though), not really the result that I want.

Another thing that I noticed, there used to be some sort of club summer camp every year where you cook to your clubmates. I was wondering why my summer was sooo empty I could have 2 dates a month (with a weekend for sleeping, shopping or calling the guy).

Part-time Job
This time you don’t have to work at a cafe to up all your stats. Instead, you get to work to Anneri, the flower shop that’s still there from the 1st TMGS. But it didn’t increase all my stat. u.u

Valentine’s Day
This is one of the stressing mini-games in TMGS. But they changed it and it looked real when you get to design your own homemade cake…well this is still stressing to me (ノω・、). I always managed to design a ‘Cute’ cake when I’m aiming for ‘Natural’. Good thing the ‘dolphin’ do the work and Ruka still liked what I did. XDD

Just a short intro for the other characters I met in the game…

Hanatsubaki Karen and Ugaijin Miyo
At long last, gal friends who wouldn’t ditch you just because you are dating the guy they liked. These two will really help you and would even go as far as they could for you and the guy you like.

From the Hanatsubaki family, Karen is really popular at school. And somehow I can sense some shoujo-ai vibes from her (@ ̄Д ̄@;). Well, when she’s with Bambi (the nickname she gave to the heroine), she is all girly but it somehow changes in front of others (i.e fans). That may be just only me thinking too much ^^;;. Oh and she’s your fashion guide in this game. She’ll tell you your fashion levels and give you gifts if you achieved level 5.

Miyo is really cute. She’s like a kid (she’ll hates you if you said that out loud). Since the heroine doesn’t have a younger bro or a neighbor shota to stalk the guys, Miyo is here to do the job! (^ε^)♪ Give her a call and she’ll tell you whatever you like to know, from their basic info to tokimeki level.

Ugh Oosako-sensei. He’s your homeroom teacher and he surely teaches you various things such as smooching, poking..oh wait! That’s for the skinship lessons you get from him on May 1st of your 1st year. Really, I feel like a big pedobear and have flashbacks when you have that shota (no, not Amachi xD;;) from TMGS 2 orz.

I actually have very low motivation on getting his ending on Premium. But if he can be a little manly, that’s another story. xD

Your homeroom teacher from TMGS1 is still here! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ He gained weight (or was it muscles behind that suit? loool) but still strict as ever. Why can’t I get you again??? ・°・(ノД`)・°・ I wonder if he still gets love letters from students o(^▽^)o.

The creeper jiji from TMGS1 a.k.a Habagaku’s principal. He still creeped me out whenever he shows up. Being the principal, you occasionally see him and he’s still there during school ceremonies and parties.

I’m not really sure but I saw Akagi on one of Ruka’s ADV’s. I was barely paying attention then so I’m not really sure why he’s there or what. Akagi is one of the secret characters from TMGS 2. Does that mean 3 and 2 have overlapping years? :O

There is a fewer main guy here than from the previous games. But they increased the amount of endings, from 3 to 6. There’s still the normal ending where the guy confesses to you, the best friend confession, and the best friend ending. However, they’ve added the 3P endings 1 and 2, and normal confession 2. I don’t know about the other endings though since I only get Ruka’s normal ending 1. ^^;;

And now my thoughts for Ruka’s route о(ж>▽<)y ☆

I immediately liked Ruka for he is the main guy and I’m usually attracted to the main guys of Tokimeki annnnnd it’s Sugitaaaaaan! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ *ehem*

He is the first guy you meet in the game. His brother, Kouichi and him are the heroine’s childhood friend before she moved to another town. Compared to the previous main guy, Ruka isn’t perfect. He gets red marks on tests, a troublemaker but still popular among the girls. He is sweet and a little flirty too (〃∇〃)

Just like what I usually did to other guys, I began dating him as early as April 1st year. Ruka opened up quite fast ( 🙂 Jan 1st yr, 😀 early 2nd yr)his tokimeki panel isn’t a problem to me. The stats that I need to achieve for his ending were my problem. Thankfully, after he went tokimeki, he’s the one asking for dates…every.other.week ∑(゚Д゚). But at least it wouldn’t be my problem anymore to plan for dates. I only do that if I’m aiming for a CG.

Speaking of CG, one of my favorite year is 3rd year because of the play during the cultural festival and the events after the Christmas party. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to win the Rose Queen so I’m just looking forward for the play. When the play was about to start, Kou talked to me to the backstage to my dismay. I was REAL sure that I would do the Romeo and Juliet play WITH Ruka and not a Romeo and Juliet with Ruka AND Kou ヾ(▼ヘ▼;). Nooooo my Ruka CG~~ щ(ºДºщ)

Well, earlier that year I noticed that Kou started asking me for dates and even blushing around. Since all my stats are above 120, Kou goes 😀 (-з-). Kou is likeable but when he appeared at play I became rather hostile afterwards.

After the play, all my motivation went downhill orz. Then, Christmas season rolls in and now I was expecting to see a 3P event rather than the supposed to be a moment with Ruka. I was bracing myself for another missed CG. Luckily for me, I was still able to see the Christmas event with Ruka (*^ー^)ノ. I was still ignoring Kou though.

And his ending is…a secret. I won’t comment about it because I’m afraid I might just retell whatever happened and spoil it. (`∀´)

That’s it. I’m done with the DS ver. Currently waiting for the PSP port~~ ☆☆☆

EDIT: Added the guide link :))


11 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story – Sakurai Ruka”

    I also need to review this game orz. Yay to half-finishing the game before the portable comes out XD The game just drains my motivation with the stats 🙁

    Noone beats Ruka playing as Romeo *w*

    1. /joins you SUGITAAAAA~! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

      And with all the endings and CGs, you just can’t help it but play all of the routes D: I promised myself that when I play this on PSP, I’ll leave Ruka for last or at least wait until I get that Queen training outfit from Karen. XD

      …I still feel frustrated when I remembered that play. Ruka and Kou fighting…I only want Ruka to be there… 🙁

  2. xD I played this game months ago, and just like you, I only played it for Ruka (≧∇≦), and so glad they make him a Prince for the 2rd series.

    (*´▽`*) I really like the scene in hospital *melted*, his word is so sweet in there. Ah I didn’t see the 3P too since I am lazy to reply it again. And gotta love his blushing face xD

    PS: I’m so glad they changed the system for bombing. When I played the 1st and 2nd, it is kinda irritated me, I didn’t even date with them and they started bombing me ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8

    1. Although no one can beat Kei as TMGS prince, Ruka is too adorable to resist! (* ̄∇ ̄*)

      OMG I didn’t expect it. It was too sad and seeing Ruka’s crying face is too…(-̩-̩__-̩-̩) Oh, of course, he’s blushing face + his flirty words during the Love Mode = TOTAL WIN!

      Ah yes, I think I forgot to mention the bombs. That irritated me also, like I don’t like you and you’re still bombing me >_>. At least, being anti-social helps in TMGS3 xD

  3. I’ve just started this game and your review quite helped me a lot ! Spread the tokimemo love (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    I’ve never played the other series but I heard and found out about this series A LOT from the internet and was curious at first xD
    and then when I search deeper, it’s something like otaku’s version but catchable guys XD

    Otomate ought to do this and implement this kind of idea to every of their games since it’s enjoyable and the characters are alive lol. I get the feeling of those who wanted to marries their 2d girl xDD

    Even though I’m not really interested in Ruka, but I found out his personality and character is really unique lol. Alongside with his precious aniki xD

    However, it’s kinda hard to catch the guys and make their affection to 🙂 or 😀 and the koakuma and tenshi mode. Do you have any tips on that? I only manage to get level 1 for both personality >_<;

    1. Yay! Another TokiMemo player~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

      I agree with you. Even if stat-raisers are somehow stressful, they’re fun to play since you ought to do your best for your guy xD

      Ruka~!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ *cough* Right, he’s a different from the other main guys because he isn’t perfect and there’s more to his flirty attitude (〃∇〃) Kou-kuuun~! You’re doing his route? ^^ I’m still a little traumatized from he did on my Ruka playthrough but he’s too adorable when he smiles at you (and he’s voiced by Suwabe (〃∇〃)) xD

      For their affection level, you’ll just have to raise your stats, dress according to what he likes, and date him to his favorite places, and give him appropriate gifts during his birthday, Christmas, and the choco on Valentine’s. ^_^ I’m not sure about the new approach mode though ^^;; as I haven’t tried it yet (still doing the secret characters route <– haven't met my guy xD;;). But based from the feedbacks of the other players, it depends on how you answer during dates and the way you approached them (you might have probably know this already ^^;;). You might want to read this post on LJ, http://tokimemogs.livejournal.com/283734.html or maybe Pocketbiscuit's post might help you with this. Sorry if I'm not that much of a help ^^;;.

  4. hey, do you know where I can get tokimemo 3rd english patched?
    I really love this game from 1st and 2nd then curious about the 3rd but still on japan version. I can’t understand..:(
    so I can’t get the feeling as if I’m the heroine of the game T_T
    thanks… 😀

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t know. I haven’t been keeping up with the TMGS3 project for a long time now so I have no idea if they have released it already or not. ^^;;

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