Yes, I’ve already joined the dark side! lololol

Since reviewing for the exams and the exam itself stresses me a lot, I thought I needed a breather; a game where I wouldn’t be using much of my brain cells. Well, who would have guessed that I would actually enjoy the game! xD

Star Project (SP) is a browser game where you own a (read: shabby) agency for idols. As the manager, you have to help him rise to stardom. Other than a booming career, will love also blossom between the two of you in this road to stardom?

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19 thoughts on “Star Project (English)”
  1. Hey there~!
    I finished Star Projects first character months ago without using real money, so it took me quite long… It was a nice game and hey, Terashima Takuma was voicing Touma! 😀 😀 It was a nice game, but the minigames sometimes are really hard and annoying… (singing, dancing and memory lessons)

    Touma was such a dork, but really adorable… (*≧▽≦)
    Hopefully Ren will come soon…

    1. Hello. :))
      It took me about 3weeks to finish until the Bad end. Then another 3 weeks for the True End lol. That was some increase in stats!
      U-uhm, Touma? :O
      I agree. The dance lessons stresses me a lot from lvl 4+. XDD I cheat in the memory lessons or else I wouldn’t be able to get past lvl 2! Ahaha
      Yes, hopefully. u.u It has been, what, 5 months since the first time they announced about Ren. I hope I still have the will to play this when Ren appears. orz
      Oh, and of course I’d love to exchange links! 😀

      1. Oh, sorry, I meant Touya. xD

        The dance lessons were really hard, while the singing lesson were freaking bad. I mean, did you noticed that Yuri-sensei missed every single note?! How I’m supposed to play such a minigame? /rage

        In the end I did cheat in the memory game too, since you can’t do it by yourself anyway…

        Well, I did liked the bad ending… Poor Touya, his confession was so screwed.. LOL

        1. Ahaha. Freaking bad indeed. Yuri confuses me so I don’t listen to her and just memorized the highlighted keys (so I’m stuck with lvl 6 xD).
          Paint or whatever tool you have is so convenient in memory game. But it’s so tiring to do. =.=
          LOL I laughed so hard after that. His confession to ‘murder’ lol.

  2. I played this game too before but because of my crappy connection I need to abandon this game orz. Everytime I do a minigame, a loading takes me 5 minutes 🙁

    And too bad it is only Touya who is free, I’m pretty interested with Ren and Torian too, hopefully they are not expensive LOL. Btw how is Touya’s ending? I’m too lazy to continue his route xD

    1. But sometimes, the lag is because of them. D:
      Yes, hopefully. They have the choice to have a weekly or monthly contract right? But the monthly contract will cost billion of stars. orz
      The bad end is he isn’t able to confess while the true end is a confession scene. 😀 Both ending are enjoyable and sweet especially the bad end. XDD You’ll see the revelation about his family when you get 1st ed and it will just be repeated for the true end. 😀

  3. Hey, you wouldn’t by any chance know if you can date NPCs or anything in the Korean version? I’m trying to find out about that since there are a bunch of posts on the ENG forum asking that.

    1. I haven’t touched the Korean ver but I’m pretty sure that you can’t date NPCs. It’s in the name already, Non-playable characters. Though I wished we could date that Speech teacher xD

  4. You know that clothing guy at the store right? How do you get him to like you? Like is there anything to it or am I missing something????? Oh! Also how do you unlock the other stars besides Ren? XD I’m so bad at this game but the artwork and the characters are so lovable that I just don’t want to give it up.

    1. Oh gosh, I haven’t played this game in a long time so what I’ll say is from my memory two years ago. ;;;

      I’m not sure you can get the clothing guy to like you since the only available guys are the actors you are handling. Unless the makers change it of course. But the whole premise of the game is dating your talents so I think the clothing guy is an NPC. 🙂

      About unlocking other stars, last time I checked other stars available other than the default guy is Ren and Leon. So unless the makers haven’t made the remaining guys available for public, you still can’t choose them (or pay for their talent fees).

    1. IIRC, there isn’t a bad ending since you wouldn’t be able to advance the game if you haven’t met a certain requirement. 🙂

      Thank you. 🙂

    1. No, I’ve only played through Touya’s route. I think I’ve already started with Ren before I stopped playing.

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