Title: ときめきメモリアルガールズサイドプレミアムザードストーリー
Company: Konami
Release Date: March 15, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site:

Walkthrough: (I used Rin’s post in tokimemogs LJ comm :D) Alternatively, you can use Akiyama’s walkthrough from the official guide book:

This guy is the added secret guy in the TMGS Premium. God, he is so precious. (๑¯◡¯๑)

After spending your first and second year doing nothing but increasing your Charm, you get to meet a weird guy in Alucard. And OMG Alucard *O*. How I’ve missed you! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ My memories of that cafe is nothing but Kei ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡.  Is Alucard a model’s den? Every guy, e.g., Kei, Majima (though I haven’t played his route yet) and now Hasumi. *cough* Going back, the next event is a few months away…why so long? /weeps

A few months after your last encounter, you’ll meet a completely different guy from before. Take note that Bambi’s answer is awesome xDD. Then, just like before, it will take weeks before you meet him again. When he finally asked you to a date, you can wear “Sexy” clothes (I tried “Vivid” but he says nothing about it) for positive remarks. He will take you to his favorite movie. For the second time around, Bambi’s response is awesome lol. At the end of the date, he’ll ask you for another date. His route will branch off at this point.

I won’t elaborate his Angel and Queen’s route. Instead, I’ll just state the difference:

  • Angel’s route: He’ll tell you about the Mermaid’s story. (remember TMGS 2’s legend)
  • Queen’s route: Wear “Sexy” or “Koakuma” outfit xD. You’ll tell him HabaGaku’s legend instead.



I am not actually interested in him at first because he looks bored and poker-faced. Who could have guessed that he will be this precious! /clings

If there is a word to describe this guy that would be ‘weird’. He is so weird and that what makes him adorable. He is priceless. о(ж>▽<)y ☆ There are times that when he speaks, I’m like “WTH are you trying to say?”. But believe me, that is part of his charm ahaha. Despite that, I always try to choose all the answers just to hear his response and look at his reactions x3. Luckily, he never failed to amuse me! lmao He may act cool but really, he is just clumsy. That might have led me to the conclusion that he is a ドM. /shot Well you can’t blame me. He looks so submissive in the Queen’s route. xDD Oh and very random note, he likes Natural and Sexy/Koakuma. lol


Hasumi has 2 sets of clothes. The 1st one is a black jacket which you’ll be able to get on Jan-Feb with your Charm 200+. You’ll see the white one on March-July with Charm between 100-200. Most likely, you’ll get the black jacket if all you’ve done in your lower year is to increase Charm. To get the white jacket, I used my save file from before December where my stat is below 200. Just when I thought that this guy looked cool on the black outfit, I got his white one made him 10x cooler. lol OMG gross me.

In this route, I’ve unlocked 2 of Aizawa’s events. While I’m happy to finally meet the author, I’m also worried that I wouldn’t be able to unlock Hasumi’s events. Later on, I figured out that the events have something to do on where I go out when I window-shop. Speaking of going out, the number of times I go shopping in this game could probably unlock Chiharu or Akagi or some other secret characters since I’m almost going out every week. I think that is better than asking other guys for a date, only to get bombed by your 3rd year. xD

For some reason, while I’m doing the Queen’s route, Ruka invited me for a date. I accepted since I’m curious about the Approach mode. When Ruka walked me home, tada~ Hasumi-kun on my doorstep~! orz Ugh. Why??? >O< This is what happens when I play around with Ruka. /o A few weeks after that, Ruka invited me again. But since I’m a good girl, I refused him… just as I thought it’s heartbreaking to do it. 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

Out of his 2 endings, my favorite is definitely the Queen’s route. That route makes Hasumi real precious (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥. This is the first time I literally cried for a Tokimemo confession. I know it’s so shallow /o but he is so sweet I couldn’t help it. All I want to do is hug this guy and say “No, don’t say that you are no good. (☼Д☼)” Have some confidence on yourself, damnit man /bawls more. Though I have to admit that that is one of the factor which makes this ending my fave. Angel route’s ending is good but I’m more inclined to like the ending for Queen’s route. The last part is also different from the usual ending but WHO CARES?! I like it that way. It suits the entire “女王様” premise.

About Premium

This will just be a brief impression for the PSP port.


With only 1 route that I finished, I can’t experience all that Premium has to offer. Since Hasumi is a secret character, I can’t do the new skinship or the kimagure thing. I did try Approach mode for a bit with Ruka. But it is hard and confusing. >_< It might have been because I’m too used with poking my guys using the stylus rather than smashing my analog stick and buttons.

There is also this option where you can change the way you view the scenes. By pressing SELECT, you can view it vertically instead of the usual horizontal view.

The graphics got 10x better than the DS one! If you think that the one in DS has already good graphics just like me, wait until you play this. Other than being much clearer, it has a 3D feel as the characters move in stills. Their faces look even younger and prettier too!


They have also added the Boys Life section where you can take a peek inside the boys’ room any time of the day! o/ The 3D chibi version of the guys are too adorable to resist. You might end up like me who stalks them whenever possible even on ungodly hours. >D


Another thing that they have added is the Angel and Koakuma system. I can’t say much about it because I haven’t tried it yet. orz

Added features aside, I am annoyed at the number of save slots available for Premium. It only has a freaking 20 slots. SERIOUSLY? Konami has given us 36 slots for the DS so why cut now? ;w; I usually used half of the slots for a single route. Now I have to be content with the available slots. D8

And just like the previous TMGS, the PSP port is highly recommended. Other than, well, being TMGS and having its set of wonderful characters, the added features are worth trying. Plus, you will be able to collect all the CGs and without that gap in the middle (though it feels add at first ^^;;). This is a massive stat-raising game with a lot of endings to fulfill. Despite that, I can 1000% assure you that it won’t be a waste of money and you will surely enjoy TMGS Premium. о(ж>▽<)y ☆



8 thoughts on “Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium – Hasumi Tatsuya”
  1. Oh my, so precious *A*
    I only saw the live gameplay with Alyyn-san and her friend and it’s so funny XD

    I’m interested in what Bambi has to say, and Bambi is such a cute name <33

    Who voiced this character, Eumi-san?

  2. Hey… i just wondering if you can post the walkthrough here. cuz i cant access the LJ (although im already log in), thank you 🙂

    1. Ahh I guess it’s because it’s a locked post. So unless you are a member of the community, you wouldn’t be able to view it. ;;; Or if you want I can give it to you through email. 🙂

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