How could I resist a game that has kingdoms, princes, and princesses in it? (๑¯◡¯๑)

I haven’t played any otome games for the past… 6 months? OMG it has been that long!? So I’m starting the year with an English otome game by Azalyne Studios (I’m hoping I get the name of the group right. /sweatdrops), Seven Kingdoms The Princess Problems. o/

Last December, they released the demo of the game. The story, according to their site,:

Every seven years the seven kingdoms send their best and brightest young people to be their delegates at the Vail Isle Summit. A tradition where seven weeks are spent together to form friendships, alliances and marriages. This year, however, things are different. Since the Great Peace, never have alliances been so close to collapse, the seven nations on the razor’s edge of war. What happens at this summit could very well determine the fate of the known world.



You are one of the delegates.

In this world of politics, intrigue and danger will you find love? Make friends? Alliances? Or will you fail and be forced to watch as the world once again crumbles into destruction and despair?

It is your story and it is not yet written.

Depending on your choices/answers, you will be able to unlock your background story (I am a daughter of a pirate! How cool is that?), increase your skills and knowledge, and the affection of other characters for you. It is part-VN, part stat-raising. The stat-raising is more of improving your character, your ambitions, clearing the challenges etc than having a direct influence on your target guy. There’s just so many things to you could do that I’m already overwhelmed with the things that I want to learn (seeing that xxx-failure every time is frustrating me lol). This makes the game a lot interesting because it is so diverse, the scenes you see depend on the choices you make. Ughh. I’m already itching to play and re-play this game!

Since this is about seven kingdoms and their delegates, there are lots of character involved. I could barely keep up with their names! haha Because of the vast number of characters, there’s also a variety of personalities. All the capturable guys have the distinct characteristic I like in my 2D guys. It is so hard to choose. huhu And so I tried dating them all. 😛 (If only you could build a harem…)

All the social niceties and flirting/dating aside, there is some mystery lurking behind the shadows concerning your character with regards to your backstory. It’s a nice plus and it intrigues me a lot.

Too bad I can’t comment on the music since my laptop has audio problems. I would love to listen to them. D8 But at least, I get to ogle the lovely sprites. 😀

The demo ends at the end of week 2 /groans. The game is set to be released sometime this 2015. I’ll be keeping an eye on their site until then!

Head over to the game maker’s website to download the demo. Enjoy! (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆


5 thoughts on “[Trial] Seven Kingdoms The Princess Problem”
  1. Sounds interesting! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for games with princes and princesses in it 😛 and it sounds pretty interesting~ And I feel that feel about the lack of playing otoge… I have had no time up until recently and I don’t think I’ve bought anything up until my recent purchase of DYNAMIC CHORD and my Vita and now I’m starting to think I probably shouldn’t have bought it hahaha….. D:…. but anyways excited to see this game in the future! I think I might play the demo too to fill in the interim before my game and Vita gets here ahaha xD

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