Title: うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪MUSIC
Company: Brocolli
Release Date: November 24, 2011
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://www.utapri.com/game/music/

Ever since I ragequit and almost ragequit on Elite Beat Agents and Moero! Nekketsu (the Ouendan sequels), I’ve been snooping around to find a good rhythm game for PSP. I read on Hinano’s blog about Utapri Music and decided to try this one. What more can you ask for when you can play with good music plus bishies on the side. (〃∇〃)

I haven’t played any Utapri before and have just watched the anime (never finishes it though) and listened to some of its CD so I thought I could get through the songs without having too much problem. I have been warned to Orion de SHOUT OUT (thanks to Hinano’s post) but then most of Natsuki and Sho’s songs are tough (eyes Otokogi Zenkai, Jet Coaster among others)! Oh but Tokiya’s song are kinda tough too. It’s just that it didn’t matter to me if I’ll have to play it again and again. ♥ ♥ ♥ /shot

The system is quite easy to follow. The menu is written in English so that makes things a lot easier. You’ll have, I think, 7 songs at first corresponding to each guy in the original game. Each song is divided in Easy, Hard, and Pro part. There are 3 levels each part. Once you get an A or S on a song you’ll gain a ♥. Every time you gain A or S score, the guys will be deredere towards you. But if you get D, C, or B, prepare for their words (especially Satsuki lol). If you complete all 3 ♥s, you will be able to unlock some scenes with the guy talking to you, as well as unlocking the next song of him. When you reach Pro and managed to get an A or S, you’ll have the scene with the guys AND a book on the Memories section. If it’s just B (which is mostly what I got on Pro xD;;), you’ll still get the Memories part but not the cutscene.

You can also buy clothes for the guys such as 2 versions of their uniform, their swimwear (btw, I noticed that Tokiya have a unique one since most of the guys are topless (〃∇〃)) etc. You can only see the upper part of the body though. Other than that, you can also shop for designs and effects so you can change the look when you play.

THIS IS A MUST PLAY! I couldn’t stress it enough. haha! I really enjoyed playing this even if my right-hand hurts every time I play this game (imagine pressing 4 buttons at the same time >_>). But this is so addicting, it took me all my self-control to rest for a while or go back to the main game that I am playing lol. It also has a good selection of songs. My favorite will be Mirai Chizu, Maji Love 1000% and all of Tokiya’s songs (Mamoru’s singing voice о(ж>▽<)y ☆). I’m just a little disappointed that they did not include Orpheus, but I guess that would be unfair to other guys (and it’s not Tokiya’s song right? :O). I look forward in playing other Utapri games! о(ж>▽<)y ☆


15 thoughts on “Uta no Prince-sama Music (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪MUSIC)”
  1. I have this game but haven’t touched it yet since I have quite a big back log XD But I’ve been meaning to play Uta Pri for soooooo long though!

    Ah Mirai Chizu and Maji 1000% Love are my favourites! I’m not really good with games like these (like DJMax omg fail) but since it’s Uta Pri…*A*

    1. Play iiiit アユちゃん!(* ̄∇ ̄*)
      Everytime I unlocked a new song whether it’s a solo or duet or what, I’m always hoping that Maji 1000% will come up. So even if this a tough, it didn’t matter with the bishies cheering on you. XD

  2. …you’ve piqued my interest lol. XD Honestly I’ve been trying to avoid Utapri as much as possible since it has a whole lot of games underneath its franchise. Hmm idk, I’ll consider this one though since it looks like fun. :>

    1. I’m glad I did www. xD Please consider this! When I want to cool down from Peter Pan or got scared because of Corpse Party, I play this and all my stress got blown away ヽ(´ー`)ノ lol.

  3. So glad you enjoy the game, I enjoy it too but somehow this game frustrated me a lot, I can only finish Masato’s songs. I played Hatsune Miku and went into this game immediately, I was shocked this is so hard (T▽T)

    I can finish hard level but the pro one … I give up lol

    1. You finish Masato’s songs? うわあああ、おめでとう! *O* I think the level of my frustration and enjoyment is the same especially on the hard level. It is indeed…hard (-̩-̩__-̩-̩)
      lol I just keep on smashing the buttons for the pro one (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ

      1. Thank you, yupz he is the only character that I can finish he2, maybe his song is kinda slower from others so it’s not that difficult, then I played Ren…… always get B or C for his song xD Ah reading ur posy I think I need to play it again xD

        1. I agree, I can’t finish all of Ren’s songs. But it’s still easy compared with Natsuki & Sho’s songs wwww. Oh play it again. xD I’m playing it too for some of my unfinished songs but the remaining ones are too difficult D:

  4. I didn’t picked up this game because a friend of mine said she was disappointed with the gameplay, does the game include Sho? Since I only see Tokiya and Ren in the screenshot.

  5. Hi, I recently dl/play the game and I was asking what can I gain or what the use of the challenges option( those impossible to do!XD) ?

    1. Challenges option? lol sorry it’s been a while since I played the game so I can’t remember much. Sorry ^^;;

      If memory serves, you can gain cutscene from the guy whose song you have completed. Or if you haven’t finished all of his song, you can unlock the next song. Did I answer you question? ^^;;;;;

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