重生之将门毒后 | Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage

Author: 千山茶客 | Yue Xia Die Ying

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Raws: https://www.xxsy.net/info/688238.html

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Chapters: 231 + 4 side chapters


The Di daughter of military lineage, pure, amiable, quiet and yielding, foolishly in love with Prince Ding, throwing oneself to the role of a wife.

After assisting (a ruler) for six year, she finally became the mother to the world.

Accompanying him to fight for the country, to flourish the country’s territory, taking risk to be a hostage in other country, after returning five years later, there was no place to fit in the Inner Palace.

The beauty in his arms smile brightly, “Older sister, the country is stabilized and you should retire.”

Daughter had met with a violent death and the Crown Prince was disposed. Shen family who had sacrifice themselves for the country, not one of them were lucky to escape. In one dynasty everything was overturn, her clan had perished and she need to mourn for her children!

Shen Miao never did thought that as a married couple who went through trials and tribulations and mutually assisting one another was just a stage joke to him!

He said, “Seeing that you have followed Zhen for twenty years, will grant you with an intact corpse. Thank this kindness.”

Under the three Chi (1 chi = 1/3 meter) of white silk, Shen Miao made a malicious vow: In the time to come, she will take part in each and everyone’s end!

Upon rebirth, she return to the time when she was fourteen, where the tragedy had yet to occur, her family were still alive and she was still the pure, amiable, quiet and yielding Di daughter of military lineage.

Relatives hiding a black heart, Elder and younger (female) cousins are ruthless and malicious, the new Yiniang is like a tiger watching its prey and the disreputable man that wants to repeat of events?

Family must be protected, the huge enmity must be avenged, the Imperial seat of the country must also be part of the trophy. In this lifetime, let’s see who can beat the others!

But that little marquis from the Xie family, the arrogant and obstinate spear carrying youth, stood biasedly at her side and proudly said, “Just the fall of the Imperial power. Remember this, the world belongs to you. You– Belong to me!”

After Heaven Official’s Blessings, I thought I’d never touch another 200+ chapter novel. But lol, who am I kidding. 😅

This is all thanks to Usagi’s review of this novel, the main reason why I got intrigued and started reading this. While I’ve read quite a few of CNovels already, they’re mostly BL. Stories with female leads are still fairly new territory to me. But I’m glad I decided to read this one because woaaaah the schemes.


Let’s just get to the main post. 😆

Why I love it ♡(。- ω -)

Shen Miao

The main pull of this novel is definitely the MC, Shen Miao (SM). From a lovesick idiot to deposed Empress, SM turns her and family’s life around in this rebirth and revenge story. It is so satisfying to see her triumphed over the Second and Third Shen families, and all her other enemies, though I wished I could say the same to that ex-husband of hers…

It is a bit sad that she can’t show her real self, her calculating side, to her honest-to-goodness family. So while they are a happy and loving family on the outside, they are not really “one” inside as SM shoulders all the big problems, shielding the rest of her family. I feel bad for SM doing the lonely work alone.

Which brings me another point….

Shen Miao & Xie Jing Xing’s relationship

SM has a bunch of suitors, and they’re all likable bachelors. For instance, her cousin. While I liked SM’s cousin, I feel like he only knows and admires her outward persona. Who knows what kind of reaction he would have once he knows what she can do to her enemies (even her brother is astounded when he feels like SM has a hand on the bad things).

With that said, XJX and SM make a good-partners-in-crime. Xie Jing Xing (XJX) is lawless and ruthless. But he is also loyal. He is everything that complements SM’s shrewdness. Even his bold and forward attitude fits SM’s emotional reservation. They are a power couple even. I love it every time XJX teases SM and SM talks back. She can even make him speechless at some point. My favorite moments are definitely drunk SM, especially the first time when she acts as the high & mighty empress and orders XJX around. She even goes as far as treating XJX as her boy toy! 😂

Though, with XJX’s stamina and the amount of their nightly activities, I wonder why the palace is not full of princes and princesses from them. 🤔

Side Characters

Shen family

Okay, they may be quite naive and a little too straightforward at times, but they really like to do their utmost best to be helpful to SM.

This actually includes the maternal side of the family. They have fewer schemes and plotting and just there for the family, unlike SM’s paternal side.

Emperor Yong Le & Empress Xian De

While I feel like this subplot is sandwiched in the middle of all the big things that should be the focus, I still love them. They break my heart to a million pieces.

I just wish that their story is not inserted in the middle of all the major happenings. The events that should have been the focus became the background instead. And that kinda ruins this subplot for me because, while I love the characters, I’m so antsy to get back to the action.

Gao Yang & Ji Yu Shu

XJX’s friends/sidekicks are entertaining to read. They act as a soundboard for XJX and basically, a higher level servant lol. I do love their screen times though, even if it’s just them being punished.

Shen Miao’s maids

They are loyal to death and very resourceful. SM’s schemes wouldn’t be as successful without these trusted allies, people who know about her plans more than her family.

Instead of the SS pairings, I feel like I ship one of the maids with XJX’s guards more.

Su Min Lang

Aahhhh. My favorite dumpling! He is one of the first friends SM made when she rebirthed. SML is a kid whom SM saved (sort of) from being punished by his father. From then on, he became SM’s fan and cheerleader. He’s just super cute, I swear.

Pei Lang

Ah, Pei Lang. Just reading his name makes me sad. He is a conflicted and complicated man (well, everything about him is conflicted and complicated). He is a type of character you either hate or love. Or maybe like me, both.

The third part is enjoyable

Okay, so there are 3 parts/books/season (however you call it) in this novel. 1st part is when SM wakes up and does her revenge, then the 2nd part when she gets back to the capital and continues her revenge, and the 3rd part is when she goes to another country.

While I also like the first part, my favorite’s got to be the 3rd part (until before the last few chapters). In the first part, it is satisfying to see SM plot her way through. But I already know how it will end no matter how dire the situation is. She is bound to win. I was in for the drama and the plotting, but the end will not change. In this third part, everything is new. She doesn’t have prior knowledge about the people or society of Great Liang so she has to trudge through everything using her own skills. For the first time, SM is tested. And I’m thrilled.

I also like this part because, after 200 chapters, there’s finally romance. Early on, it is obvious that XJX has already fallen for SM, but while he teases her, there really isn’t anything that shocks SM to recognize her feelings. She’s very passive, which is understandable. But here, she faces her feelings, though their fight seems a little shallow. But eh, SM is like a toddler waddling through a muddy territory of romance.

What didn’t work (¯ . ¯٥)


The first part has a slow start with too much backstory. As the novel has a big cast, they have a lot of backstories too, and it was hard to keep up with all of these new pieces of information. It’s like everything is dumped on to the reader in big chunky parts. You aren’t done digesting the first information and another will be thrown at you.

It gets easier later in the story though.

Kind of drags towards the end

Especially Fu Xiu Yi and Mei Furen’s endings. They’re like the main villains of the entire story, and I’ve been waiting to see their downfall. But their endings are glossed over and are pushed aside for the emperor and empress story. It’s like I’m suddenly pulled out from the story and spoiled of how the war ended, of how the big bad wolves of SM’s past met their endings. It is disappointing because I was looking forward to it since the very start.

Meanwhile, I liked the ending scene, but not the entire ending.

The middle part is kinda boring

This one is like the opposite of the 3rd part posted above. I find this boring because it’s just a repeat of the 1st part. She matured physically and there’s a change of characters, but one fact still remains — she will still win. And with XJX on her side, who would dare stand opposite her?

Besides, she’s still dealing with the Shen family. And let’s admit it, they’re not the most pleasant characters to read.

ML’s excessive description

This made me laugh and roll my eyes all throughout the novel. One paragraph is almost always needed to describe him. It’s ridiculous. Like, okay, XJX is majestic and out-of-this-world awesome that there’s not enough adjective and metaphor to describe him. But please limit it to the first time he is introduced or when he did something amazing, and not when he’s just, you know, standing there, brooding. 😆

This is for people looking for… (✯◡✯)

☑️ Rebirth

☑️ Revenge

☑️ Face slapping

☑️ Scheming MC

☑️ Intelligent MC

☑️ OP ML

☑️ OP Pairing


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