can't take my eyes off you
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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You! is a webtoon series by Team Manna, published at Lezhin.

Kang Taeho accepted a job as a manager. Little did he know that he’ll have to manage the most popular actor right now, Sunwoo Yeon!

But Sunwoo Yeon has a secret…

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

I came across this series while hunting for some light reads. The words manager and idol threw me off a bit, thinking I’m in for another drama llama. But it turned out that Taeho and Yeon were adorable! And that’s enough reason for me to continue reading.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

The title might seem like Taeho can’t take his eyes off Yeon or perhaps the fans who stalk Yeon. The former is far from the truth while the latter is only partially true. The title points to Yeon’s secret — or as he puts it, his curse.

Though this secret is both a blessing and a curse, it can be too much sometimes. Especially since everyone is affected by this.


You see, there are a handful of people who can stick beside Yeon and not be affected by the curse. And these people are mostly his relatives. Yet, surprisingly, so is Taeho.

While the story revolves around the curse, I loved how there are moments to show the development of Taeho and Yeon’s relationship. Taeho is an exception among the exceptions so he is not head-over-heels about Yeon like most people. He is very direct and very strict despite being younger and as a newbie manager. Unlike Yeon who is clingy and amiable, Taeho feels repulsive to anyone who invades his private space — something Yeon loves to violate. 

Yeon, on the other hand, is super adorable! A true cinnamon roll! He’s the type whose real feelings show on his expressions. If Taeho’s too strict, he’ll sulk or clings and cries to Taeho. If Taeho talks to him, he’d burn your eyes with bright aura.

He may look and act like a wimp, but he is resilient. He’d do everything in his power to solve his curse so as not to involve anyone else in his problem.

He’s also really passionate about his work. He started working as an idol. Then, due to a series of events thanks to his curse, he becomes a well-known actor. And despite everything that happened, he wanted to work hard and continue to give his best, cursed or not.

Who wouldn’t want to root for him!?

Support System

Aside from the main characters, the side characters are interesting to read too. For example, Yeon’s cousins. They are supportive and understanding of him. They are Yeon’s trusted allies. With everything going on in his life, it is nice seeing Yeon having a solid support system behind him.

Another side-character I loved is Yuri. She is one of the production crew and also a big fan of Yeon – so much that she started working in the entertainment industry in the hopes of working with him. Yuri does not give a good impression at first since she is one of the fans who hated Taeho for being so strict to anyone who approaches Yeon. While they had a rocky start, Taeho and Yuri have a wonderful friendship. Both willing to support Yeon to the very end.

And I guess, I can kinda relate to her being a loyal fangirl who only wants to support her idol on the sidelines.

Perhaps the side-character who served the biggest role in the story is Ah Jun. Maybe not the biggest, but Ah Jun fulfilled a lot of roles, from the start down to the extras. Most of the time, side-characters are either on the side of the protagonist or not. But Junie seems to serve his side only. He has an onlooker feel when it comes to Yeon and Taeho’s affairs. Sometimes he will also mess around them.

That’s good and all. But…

But what threw me off was him having feelings for Taeho — and pulling that in the side-stories even. That’s like, pulling a late love triangle? Though to be fair, it still made me feel sorry for him.

Wrapping Up!

I’m almost sad that I finished a feel-good, light read. If you need something fluffy with a bit of drama, this is the perfect series.


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