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Title: 快穿之打脸狂魔 / Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Author: 风流书呆 / Feng Liu Shu Dai

Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2403714

Translation: http://keztranslations.com/quickly-wear-the-face-of-the-devil/

Novel Updates: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/quickly-wear-the-face-of-the-devil/

In a nutshell:

From Novel Updates:

A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain.

With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically.

Finally, after wresting control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface.

Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag.

This is the second part of my Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil post! First part here.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Yass finally at the higher class worlds!

I love these worlds. The previous worlds are all entertaining and I loved how they are light in terms of stories. But the higher levels are something else. These worlds test Zhou Yun Sheng’s wits and skills. The worlds and the characters are smarter, almost comparable to ZYS. Unlike in the earlier worlds, everything seems to spiral out of his control. For once, it’s nice to see him at his wit’s end.

The 15 Faces of Zhou Yun Sheng pt2

9th world – world’s best scientist and only savior

After 8 arcs, the charm of revenge is starting to wean off.

And that’s my biggest worry.

I loved this series to bits that I didn’t want it to lose its novelty. Thankfully, starting from this world, Zhou Yun Sheng faces extra difficult obstacles. But as usual, ZYS never fails and always exceeds the expectations.

This time the world he transmigrates into is the end of the world one where the zombie virus kills half of the human population. Zhou Yun Sheng is Dr. Bai Mo Han, humanity’s only hope. Bai Mo Han is the only one capable in the world to create an antivirus that would allow humans to live freely again and fight off the zombies.

However, Zhou Yun Sheng’s character is also known for doing inhumane experiments. And one of his subjects happens to be the leader of the rebellion.

I loved this world right off the bat. First, because Zhou Yun Sheng can’t use his cheat. In other worlds, he has his AI to aid him to fulfill the wishes of the owners of the bodies. But since he can’t, he has to rely on his own strength. This world tests his abilities and pushes him to the limits.

I also loved this world because I feel like Dr. Bai Mo Han IS Zhou Yun Sheng. ZYS doesn’t need to act or manipulate people’s emotions to get what he wants. Everything boils down on his skills. And that is refreshing.

With everything’s happening around them, Zhou Yun Sheng doesn’t have any time to search for his Immortal Lover. To top with everything that is happening, this world tests ZYS feelings for his ML. In the first few worlds, it feels like he’s enjoying the chase and the feeling of being able to seduce his ideal man. While he comes to accept the man, he’s still in the receiving end.

But in this world, Zhou Yun Sheng shows the extent of his love for his Immortal Lover. He’s really fallen for the guy and he wants no one but him. 

Another reason why I loved this world is because of ZYS and Immortal Lovers slow burn romance. The previous world is cutesy with Gustav’s fanboy tendencies. In this arc, Lei Chuan falls for ZYS not because of his looks but for ZYS’s dedication to do what he needed to do. Also, unlike in the other worlds where there’s like a heaven and earth difference between ML and Zhou Yun Sheng, here they stand on the same level as each other.

ML still finds ways to stalk and cling to him though lol.

Before I forget, this world also has the best side characters, Guo Zerui and Captain. Guo Zerui is the original story’s protagonist and is also the reason why Bai Mo Han died. He harbors a one-sided love for Lei Chuan. But unlike all the black lotuses in this novel, Guo Zerui actually supports them. He never tries to get in between once he accepted that ML will never love him.

Captain is Zhou Yun Sheng’s aid before they all got reborn. In his new life, he did his best to protect Bai Mo Han. He is the perfect lackey ZYS ever had.

10th world – the devout believer

We’re back to the beautified Zhou Yun Sheng. But the catch is his opponent is OP while he’s downgraded to a fanboy.

This world tested Zhou Yun Sheng’s self-preservation. Also, the translator hinted that ZYS will face his worst opponent. I thought it would be the protagonist, Boel, because he’s such a scum shou (he reminds me of the protagonist in I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix This? novel). But I never would have guessed that he would be facing himself. And let’s face it, intellectually, no one can outsmart ZYS. But everyone’s worst enemy is always yourself. So how would our dear MC fight himself?

This is such a crack world. I had so much fun with the appearance of another Sheng! In order to show his pure faith for the Father god, godless Zhou Yun Sheng has only one solution – to hypnotize himself. Through hypnosis, a fanatical believer, far from the usual cool ZYS, is born. ZYS calls this side of him as the Brainless Sheng who always fights against Rational Sheng.

It’s so so nice to see an out-of-character Zhou Yun Sheng who is out-of-control of everything for once. I’m used to seeing him at the top of things, no matter how dire the situation is. Yet here, it’s not the circumstances but it’s him who is uncontrollable.

Frankly, Brainless Sheng is the funniest version of ZYS ever appeared in the novel. He is freaking adorable! And it doubles the fun whenever Rational Sheng cringes and curses himself for doing unbelievable things. Things like… getting hard for his idol god? 😏

When Brainless Sheng sees that his ideal man is THE Father god…it is difficult to quench his thirst.

(Also, there’s a part where Brainless Sheng creates a mini image of himself and his Father god. It reminds me of Hua Cheng lol. These fanboys will always be fanboys. Not even the lack of nendoroids during their time, stop them from having it. They always find ways~)

11th world – Omega

I didn’t know what to expect in this world. For one, I’m not a big fan of ABOs or Omegaverses. They’re mostly plague with angst and dub-con. On the other hand, Zhou Yun Sheng has already established himself as one of my favorite characters so I trust the author that he/she won’t fail me.

Zhou Yun Sheng is Cecil, an omega betrothed to the alpha Osborne. When ZYS comes to this world, Osborne has just publicly rejected Cecil. The alpha is in love with another omega, this world’s protagonist Joshua.

That is one messy love drama.

While ZYS surprised me every time, ML does so too. I didn’t want to admit ML’s character this time even if every sign points to him. But while I had qualms about his character, I’m so in love with the unresolved sexual tension between him and ZYS. I’m a sucker for tensions and it’s presented so damn well here. While ABOs are prone to dub-cons, ML holds out his urges until he got permission which is a huge two thumbs up for me.

Also, I loved how the confession is handled. Zhou Yun Sheng is such a Queen in handling it. He even has the nerve to prolong ML’s thirst, which ML totally deserves given what he had done to the original owner of the body. I thought that once ZYS found his lover, he’d throw himself at him but instead he still made ML pay for what he did to Cecil.

To be honest, I feel so bad for Joshua. He is only being pushed to a corner that’s why he had to resort to some shady things. It’s not like he’s black through and through. He didn’t need to drag Cecil. But ZYS’s appearance threatens his position and everything he has done.

But then again, he has a weaker mentality. Despite his vision to topple all the alphas and stand above them as an omega, he also only relied on the help of Osborne and Prince Kyle.

Kyle though…😔

12th world – a cultivator

F this world to the nth level.

I’ve read quite a handful of cultivation novels already, but this world brings out so much more levels and new terms. The whole time I was reading, it felt like my brain was being fried because of the terms and all the cultivation whatnots.

There’s not much information about the world since Zhou Yun Sheng can’t use his AI. So he has no idea about the protagonist and how the world unfolds. He has to persevere by relying on the original body’s (Fang Xinghai) memory.

But then, the arc opens with Fang Xinghai dying…

At this point, I may sound like a broken record already but let me say it again, I love the worlds where Zhou Yun Sheng can’t rely on his AI to adjust his physical strength. He’s bound to rely on his wit and blindly go through the story.

Too bad, in this world, ML found Zhou Yun Sheng right away which isn’t really my favorite encounter. It’s nice that his memories are getting stronger but I still would have liked some tension in there.

But because ML regains bits and pieces of his memories, there’s a lot of lovey-dovey scenes early on. Even if in this reincarnation, he has a facial paralysis which makes him look like an untouchable immortal, his sex fiend nature never ceases. Dual cultivation comes in handy for this couple. Imagine cultivating for two years. TWO YEARS.

13th world – a womanizing rich second generation

I laughed so hard while reading my notes for this arc. Too many OMGs haha!

So this time, due to the happenings in the system of the Lord God, Zhou Yun Sheng is sent back to the very first world he transmigrated. Under the guidance of the system before, ZYS had to pursue a woman, bringing his downfall.

Zhou Yun Sheng has a deep grudge in this world for making him act like a stupid villain. In addition to that, he has to pursue the female lead, along with countless women to live up to his womanizer image. That, despite being gay. No wonder, his body has a violent reaction in the 2nd world when the female lead forces a kiss on him.

And so, I’m so happy that we’re back at the beginning. I wanted a simpler world again but this time, more important things are at stake. I loved this arc for giving Zhou Yun Sheng another chance to clear his black history. This arc allows us to see what he experienced while under the control of the evil Lord God. It shows how ZYS experienced the depths of human greed for the first time in his life. And imagine continuously seeing that the more worlds he come into. No wonder he has turned into an indifferent and ruthless person.

But the best thing is – Zhou Yun Sheng actively pursues ML.

When I say active, he is really active. He flirts, he courts, he seduces, and all the other ways to get the ML to be his. ZYS is not giving ML any chance to escape. Which is really good to see. He realizes that their relationship isn’t just about him taking, but he also needs to take note of the other person’s needs.

14th world – the heart vessel

Another blast from Zhou Yun Sheng’s past worlds. And the arc that gave me complicated feelings lol.

Zhou Yun Sheng is Hwang Yi, a country bumpkin adopted to a rich family in the city. He learns that he has a twin, Xue Jing Yi, that the Xue family adopted. In the original story, ZYS is forced to kill XJY in different stupid ways. But under the protagonist halo, XJY is resilient and ZYS has to submit to his fate as the heart donor for XJY.

I have so many feels for this world that I don’t know where to start.

I guess, let’s start with the Xue family as a whole. Zhou Yun Sheng harbors deep resentment to this family because all of them are such murderers including the assistant and the butler. Heck, I hated the butler because he acts as if he is far above ZYS.

Anyway, going back to the family, Xue family thinks that they can just rob a person of his heart. They take Hwang Yi, even if he is healthy. Or should I say, they take him because he IS healthy. They need the heart to replace Xue Jing Yi’s failing heart… which should have been an okay reason. After all, if there’s a way to prolong your life, why wouldn’t you?

But that’s the thing, Xue family takes in the healthy Hwang Yi for his heart. They plan to rob him of his organ. You can’t even call HY as a heart donor because he never signed a consent form. They never let him know. They never even let him have his own identity as such, he lives as Xue Jing Yi’s shadow. Like what ZYS said, he is just a vessel, not a human being.

Besides, as far as I know, most heart donors need to be brain dead. If not, at the very least, he signs for consent but he has to donate his organ once something happened to him. But Hwang Yi is a living person. What Xue family does is a cold murder. The children, even if they are not drenched in blood, are accessories because they just watch as another person is being slaughtered.

Then, they have the nerve to live a happy-ever-after once they got what they need.

Just like Zhou Yun Sheng, I wanted to give Xue Jing Yi a chance. She might not know the plan. ZYS, being the great manipulator that he is, decides to have her ‘accidentally’ discover the plan and see her reaction.

Guess what, Xue Jing Yi did nothing.

But hey, you might say, one time is not enough. She might be in shock. So Zhou Yun Sheng tests her a lot of times, giving her a chance to redeem herself. But still, she did nothing. She did not warn Hwang Yi — this is probably hard because just imagine casually saying ‘”hey I need your heart that’s why you are adopted.” But also, she never confronts her parents about the plan. She could only give pity to her twin brother. I don’t think feigning ignorance is equal to innocence. Or watching from the sidelines, letting a heart land in front of you makes you innocent.

I sooo wanted Xue Jing Yi to be a good person for once. I’m beginning to wonder if the author is against girls or just the good ‘ol ‘all girls are evil’ in BL stories. Because after meeting 129875434 girls in this novel, I can only count in one hand the ones who are actually good. At the top of my head, there are only two – Zhou Yun Sheng’s friend Ivana and the host Bonnie, both from the Supermodel arc.

Then there’s Xue Zi Xuan.

Xue Zi Xuan is Xue Jing Yi’s brother. He is a renowned pianist despite his young age. In this life, he has taken a liking to Zhou Yun Sheng because of the MC’s musical prowess.

I really would have wanted Xue Zi Xuan to be the ML, because the two of them are cute together when they are playing the piano. And I can’t help but ship them after seeing him so helplessly in love with ZYS. But alas, he isn’t the Immortal Lover.

Then again, Zhou Yun Sheng is set to destroy their family, Xue Zi Xuan included. In the original story, he is the one who took Hwang Yi from the countryside to be slaughtered in the Xue house. After that, he acts indifferent towards HY. No wonder, Zhou Yun Sheng has long blacklisted him despite all the good things XZX did for ZYS.

His I’m sorry, I love you line got me thought. That single line Xue Zi Xuan uttered for Zhou Yun Sheng broke my heart.

While I feel like Xue Zi Xuan doesn’t deserve Zhou Yun Sheng here, I also feel bad for him. In the original story, Zhou Yun Sheng is quite enamored by his looks when XZX took him from the countryside. ZYS even swore that even if XZX isn’t gay, as long as he is good, ZYS would follow this person forever.

In other words, Xue Zi Xuan had a chance.

But I’ll gush all of my feels in my next post which features the extra story with Xue Zi Xuan.

15 world – the cuckold Emperor

We can’t cap off Zhou Yun Sheng’s adventures without him being the Emperor.

In another redo world, Zhou Yun Sheng relives his life as the no-good Emperor, who, instead of properly governing his people, spends his time pampering an adulterous concubine, resulting in his downfall.

Zhou Yun Sheng has many grievances in this world. That’s not a shocker considering the enemies in this world are so annoying. They are so black-hearted to the core. I never wanted a character to be slapped as much as I would love to happen to his concubine, Zhao Bi Xuan.

I enjoyed this world a lot because the political drama is so engaging! There’s just a lot of sinister deeds and hidden agendas working in the background. Zhou Yun Sheng handles them all and handles them well. Besides, the high-and-mighty Zhou Yun Sheng is my favorite Yun Sheng of them all.

Also, I loved worlds that feature great chemistry and tension between Zhou Yun Sheng and his Immortal Lover. Especially if Immortal Lover can’t actively pursue ZYS for whatever reason. It’s so much fun to see him struggle with his desire for ZYS. In this world, they keep on playing mind games with each other. They’re too thirsty for each other but they keep on playing, prolonging their burning lust.

I think this arc just gives birth to a new kink and fetish for these two. ML does a lot of questionable things and had the balls to get away with them because it is Yun Sheng. Maybe instinctively, ML knows that ZYS will love it no matter what kink he does. In other words, ZYS is just as perverted as ML. 😏😏😏

But this world is not my favorite just because of ML and ZYS. This world contains two of my favorite side-characters as well!

First is Meng Kang, Zhou Yun Sheng’s loyal guard in the original story. Meng Kang stayed when everyone else betrayed the Emperor. He also gave up his life to protect his Majesty. So in this world, ZYS vowed to give back to Meng Kang.

Meng Kang is so meeeeng! So adorable! No wonder Zhou Yun Sheng likes him. At one point, I wanted him to be the ML because he’s so fun to be with. But ahhh, in the end, he’s forgotten lol.

I mentioned above that there’s a lack of good female characters in this series. But this world gives birth to Qian Fangfei. She seems to be destined to marry a slag in the two lives ZYS has in this world. But each time, she knows how to handle dem slag husbands and teach them valuable lessons they’ll never forget in their whole lives. She’s one of a rare kickass female in this series that even ZYS is in awe of her personality.

Real World – a combination of all the Yun Sheng

Wow. I’m so sad when I got to this part because I didn’t want this to end. I’ll miss ZYS and Immortal Lover a lot.

Anyway! This world is just like the 11th world, an intergalactic era. Zhou Yun Sheng, being the only one in the world who has the capability to fight the Lord God, is recruited by the military to use his hacking skills. But Yun Sheng being Yun Sheng, he wants to help only because he can copy the data of ML to a vessel. His chosen vessel is a prominent general in this world, General Orr Assai.

But of course, a world in this novel won’t be complete without drama and black-bellied characters. One of the guys, Nan Qing, the original love of Orr Assai, reminds me of Boel from the god world. He feels like he can just enchant the strong guys to do his bidding.

I won’t give so many details for this world because if you decide to give this novel a try, there’s still some mystery left for you.

That’s all the worlds and different faces of Zhou Yun Sheng in Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil.

There’s not much thing mentioned about Zhou Yun Sheng since the stories focused on the characters he is in the moment. But there are bits and pieces of him mentioned within the story. ZYS is often depicted as ruthless and indifferent. He’ll use anyone needed to achieve his goals.

Here are some of the bits and pieces of ZYS that we could glean in each world:

  • Zhou Yun Sheng said that he is always open for the people he loved to move away from him and that makes me sad.
  • He’s craving for familial love. He is an orphan and often lives as an orphan in the worlds. But when he does live with a parent, he treasures them a lot.
  • He had a psychological trauma about women when the system forced him to be a womanizer. What’s worse is how he had to sleep with women and even had to force rape one.
  • I love Yun Sheng’s attitude of not clinging on the person but still loved them.

It’s one heck of ride reading this novel. But we’re not done yet! Next post will be about Xue Zi Xuan, the guy from arc 14.


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