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Title: 快穿之打脸狂魔 / Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Author: 风流书呆 / Feng Liu Shu Dai

Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2403714

Translation: http://keztranslations.com/quickly-wear-the-face-of-the-devil/

Novel Updates: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/quickly-wear-the-face-of-the-devil/

I’m fairly new in the CNovel fandom. And just like every other fandom I’ve been into, what I did, at first, was to search for the most recommended series. One of the titles that I often come across with, Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil or I’ll call it QWFOD from now on.

In a nutshell:

From Novel Updates:

A top hacker was chosen by the Lord God to be reborn into countless worlds, always as an expendable villain.

With no free will, every world became a dead end. Every one of his lives ended tragically.

Finally, after wresting control of the Villain System, this ace hacker decided to enact revenge. Even if his very bones were rotten, he’d choose to occupy the very heights of morality, if only on the surface.

Thus, he would change his fate as an abused slag.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil is a fast wear kind of novel, meaning it has arcs with different worlds a.k.a world hopping. It has an overarching story, the main world which will be answered in the last part of the story.

QWFOD has 15 worlds plus the real world. The MC, Zhou Yun Sheng, goes through all of those worlds to accumulate enough soul power to fight against the Lord God.

Those 15 worlds seem like an impossible feat to go through for the reader. I mean, won’t the revenge plot get tiring after 15 stories? But arc after arc and it never failed to get me hooked! You’ll recognize the different story tropes included in the series. It has a story about heirs, supermodels, superstars, the one who got away, ABO, zombies, cultivation, interstellar and many others.

But, still, having 15 worlds to go through, it’s not surprising to not be surprised at Zhou Yun Sheng’s manipulations. The charm of revenge weans off after a few worlds because,

  1. I’m pretty tired lol. Hey, that’s pretty valid especially if you’re doing a world marathon which usually consists of 10 chapters or longer. They’ll bound to mix in the other worlds.
  2. It feels like I’ve seen/read too many horrible schemes. This is especially true to the first few arcs. These arcs have almost the same pattern – Zhou Yun Sheng transmigrated -> works through his revenge plan -> fall of the villains -> Zhou Yun Sheng’s rise to popularity.

Those are minor things compared to the things that I look forward to in every arc.

  1. I always look forward to Zhou Yun Sheng’s character. Be it a timid guy or an arrogant aristocrat, he can handle them all.
  2. Guess the ML. It’s sooo enjoyable to guess ML’s character. I’d have to rely on the weird and questionable habits ML has lol.
  3. Read/watch how Zhou Yun Sheng wrecks all the plans of other people who oppressed the original body. Zhou Yun Sheng is a pretty chill guy but he’s dedicated to fulfilling the wishes and regrets of the original owner of his body.

While the MC and ML have different identities in each world, they remain as the same person all throughout. But they are not bound to the same character. Hence, the faces in the title.

So now, let’s talk about the different worlds and Zhou Yun Sheng’s faces in each world!

In fairness, I loved all the worlds. Maybe I loved some of them more than the others, but I still loved all of them all the same.

The 15 Faces of Zhou Yun Sheng

1st world – a rich second generation cannon fodder

Zhou Yun Sheng (ZYS) as Zhou Yun Sheng, the eldest child of Zhou family. This story is full of family and business drama in which ZYS shows his computer skills as well as his quick-wittedness. I was in awe with the way he handled the revenge plan and how he turned around the tables against his illegitimate brothers.

The ML in this world is named Du Xu Lang. I loved how protective, caring, and sweet he is towards the MC. Though to be fair, that’s his personality all throughout and a telling sign of the ML in the other worlds. In this arc, he courts Zhou Yun Sheng patiently and I loved how serious DXL is in pursuing ZYS.

Damn that little devil Sheng though. He knows how and when to pull those seductive moves that his gong wouldn’t be able to resist. Instead of pushing away, ZYS’s moves further to lure the innocent gong to temptation.

I loved this world and it will forever be a special one for me being the first arc that grabbed all of my feels into the series. My only worry in the end was, how would Zhou Yun Sheng leave the world. I’ve read spoilers of other fast wear novels and more often than not, each world ends on a tragic note. I loved Zhou Yun Sheng and Du Xu Lang too much to bear any heartbreaking ends.

Thank goodness, the world didn’t end in a sad note. It warmed my heart to see the story wrapped up nicely.

2nd world – the misunderstood artist

Taking a break from an inheritance drama, Zhou Yun Sheng transmigrates to the body of Wei Xi Yian (I swear, I keep on thinking about Wei Wuxian here www). Wei Xi Yian is an orphan who, in the original story, got kicked out of the house due to the wicked plans of the protagonist’s wife.

This world has a more familial atmosphere compared to the first world. And after all the business fights, I appreciated the simple life here. Wei Xi Yian is introverted, whose life only revolves around painting. He’s one of those wrongfully labeled ‘villain’ in this series.

Considering the number of worlds Zhou Yun Sheng has and have gotten through, I thought, him showcasing his skills would be redundant. But the best thing that I discovered, each world allowed ZYS to show all the skill he had accumulated in all of his lifetimes. While Arc 1 showed ZYS’s hacker skills, Arc 2 showed another side of him by living as an artist.

With my love for Du Xu Lang, I was afraid that I wouldn’t love this world. But I still loved this all the same, what’s with the perverted ML and an equally perverted Zhou Yun Sheng. Though the biggest and the cutest character in the whole book goes to baby Wangshu. Baby Wangshu and his relationship with Wei Xi Yian is maji adorbs!

3rd world – a carefree but wise noble

In this world, Zhou Yun Sheng needs to save his family from the hands of a reincarnated girl with a cheat like his (but definitely not better than his).

For a second here, I thought that ML would be the emperor. Thankfully, he isn’t because I don’t know how I’ll feel when he is www.

Like any ordinary day, Zhou Yun Sheng is amazing as usual, tackling all those plotters with ease. The biggest thing that amazed me is his dedication to help the Crown Prince and stayed by his side through thick and thin.

4th world – slag shou turned the-one-who-got-away

This time, Zhou Yun Sheng is involved in a love triangle. The original owner of the body hooks up with a rich guy, Ji Han Yu, from his class to be his sugar daddy. Upon knowing his plans, Ji Han Yu acts like a poor kid and stays in Zhou Yun Sheng’s house. But, upon meeting the kind best friend, boyfriend goes after the best friend instead.

The way Zhou Yun Sheng portrays the true selfless love and the the-one-who-got-away role is just perfect! The perfect revenge for the boyfriend and the best friend. My heart ached for Ji Han Yu and the best friend, but no matter the reason, two-timing is a no-no in my book.

Also, Ji Han Yu reminds me of this novel’s Yan Yu – both lamenting for losing the person who once loved them wholeheartedly. Like Yan Yu, Ji Han Yu gives no importance to that love and gives into temptation instead.

Cao Mo Kun though! So sleazy ah. Like the word is invented for him lol. He’s so thirsty for Zhou Yun Sheng that I got second-hand embarrassment from these two.

5th world – proud aristocrat

Another ancient world where Zhou Yun Sheng faces a rebirthed protagonist.

In this period, there are three kinds of people, the male, female, and the Ger. Ger people look like a male but can give birth. I thought this is the omegaverse story. Turns out, it isn’t www.

The protagonist, Zhang Zhulin, is one of those protagonists who aren’t really bad. He admits his wrongdoing and backs off early on. Too bad, he’s got a cunning younger brother who pushes him to do bad deeds.

Compared to the sleazy Cao Mo Kun, the ML here is a righteous guy. He’s got high values and virtues. I enjoyed the tension between him and Zhou Yun Sheng. It’s fun to see him try to keep his quiet personality when he’s too thirsty for ZYS.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yun Sheng actively searches for his ML, turning his seduction in full mode. No one could resist him. Not ML, nor ML’s subordinates. Such a Queen.

6th world – music industry superstar

Back to the modern world, Zhou Yun Sheng is a musician who was used and betrayed by the people around him. This character is like the 2nd world’s Wei Xi Yian, who is not a villain but labeled as one because of other people. He is so timid and let other people walk all over him, leading to his life in a gutter.

Zhou Yun Sheng usually uses his AI to fine tune his appearance and stats. This time, he tuned up his body just so he could help the original body. It’s rare for ZYS to take pity on the original body so it’s understandable to max all of his stats, like using a cheat on Sims.

The amount of plagiarism in this world, though www. To amped Zhou Yun Sheng’s musician status, he got all the popular songs from our era and used it. Imagine singing all the hitmakers from our time, I don’t know if he wouldn’t be a superstar for that. But then again, knowing how people used the original body, Zhou Yun Sheng is willing to do that just so he could avenge his name. I did mention that he’s a dedicated worker, right?

For once, ML is a shy virgin! I laughed so hard when he fumbled with Zhou Yun Sheng’s flirtings. Unlike the usually confident and full of sexual prowess ML from the other worlds, ML lacks confident in that area. But it doesn’t make him any less thirsty than his other reincarnations.

7th world – emperor’s concubine

So I was a little apprehensive to read this world because, well, kinks! I read somewhere that there’ll be foot licks and all that. I’m not really into kinks so…


The whole revenge plan is complicated! And I loved it!

The whole double rebirth plus Zhou Yun Sheng’s manipulations make things confusing. At the same time, those got me hooked. I couldn’t figure out how things will proceed.

I mentioned above how Zhou Yun Sheng acts different characters and has a lot of personalities. ZYS himself is not a good person either, like Mary Sue-good. He doesn’t shy away from using any means, even ruthless ones. This world is a good showcase of that. After all, his motto is:

Zhou Yun Sheng has always said that if the protagonist didn’t provoke him, he wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke them, but if the protagonist attacked him, he could only pay them back a hundredfold.

At this point, guessing the ML is a lot of important than everything else lol. The other characters could kill each other and I don’t care. I’ll still be on the lookout for the possible ML.

Just when I thought I already figured out the ML, he turned out to be someone I least expected lmao. I really wanted him to be the Emperor because the Emperor needs someone who’ll be beside him, like what ZYS did in the 3rd world. But of course, the author can’t repeat it and the Emperor is very much in love with the protagonist.

I also thought that there’ll be more angst~ but knowing Zhou Yun Sheng, he’s always available for his Immortal Lover. He would never think twice. But, really, raising the ML? www

There’s a lot of ML’s actions that make me tilt my head in wonder. But he reminds me so much of Luo Binghe that his reactions and actions amuse me to no end! ML is even a masochist too! He’d be a good friend with Shizun’s disciple, maybe even teach him a few techniques. 😏

8th world – supermodel

I was a little iffy to read this world because I hated reality shows and this world is a reimagined The Next Top Model.

When Zhou Yun Sheng said at the beginning of this arc that this world is going to be a holiday for him, he isn’t kidding. He used to be a supermodel in the 4th world. This, faced with newbies, is a piece of cake.

Besides, tsundere Zhou Yun Sheng is A+.

Also, ML here is very cute. The first worlds show his masculine side, the kind where he’s ready to sweep MC off his feet. But lately, the worlds show his cute side, his moe side. A grown-up man, who is supposedly the world’s supermodel, squeals over a pretty boy. He is such a fanboy!

Another best thing in this arc is MC’s friend, Ivana. She’s freaking amazing! I’m really glad that for once Zhou Yun Sheng has a friend to rely on. I guess that is also another way to help the original body since the original body is so alone and has no one on his side. So with ZYS and Ivana, he can go to greater heights.

Also in this world, Zhou Yun Sheng tries hard to resist other guys and remains loyal to his Immortal Lover which I find sweet. I used to think that ML’s love is far greater than MC’s love. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

I enjoyed the drama here!

…but I still hate reality shows lol.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s holiday ends here and the next worlds are going to be tough. Next post will be the higher level worlds. And I think, some of the best worlds are in these higher levels.


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