let me tease you
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Title: 先撩为敬 / Let me tease you
Author: 青端 (Qing Duan)
Raw: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2853629
Translation: http://thisisbananatl.com/index-for-%E5%85%88%E6%92%A9%E4%B8%BA%E6%95%AC-let-me-tease-you-bl/
Novel Updates page: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/let-me-tease-you/

After re-reading this until the middle part for 3 times, I’ve managed to will myself to finish this! Finally!

Every time I’m nearing the climax, I always put this on hold. It’s not because it’s bad. But because I loved this novel so bad I didn’t want it to end.

Let Me Tease You

Let Me Tease You is from the same author of Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me so expect Ye Junchi (ML) to be on the same level of thirstiness as Xie Xi. But this is not a love-at-first-sight kind of attraction. It is more of a slow burn. And it’s one of the reasons why I loved this novel.

There are also other things that I loved in this series. So without further ado, let me share to you the things that I enjoyed while reading Let Me Tease You.

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!

1. Ji Yuan (shou) and Ye Junchi (gong)

Ji Yuan transmigrated from the modern world to the cultivation world, in a body of a ‘lady with a bird’ — a male crossdressing as a female. As a preset personality of the original body, Ji Yuan acts cold and indifferent so as not to be reprimanded for OOC by the System. As to why he needs to dress as a female, the parents of the original body hides Ji Yuan’s (they both have the same name) sex due to some family issues. The rest of the clan and the outside world know that original JY is a female. When JY (MC) transmigrated, one of his first mission is to protect his real identity.

When the Demon Lord Ye Junchi abducted Ji Yuan, our MC has no choice but to look cold and defiant against ML. But instead of angering Ye Junchi, it only makes the Demon Lord tease little Ji Yuan, until cracks on his facade appear, showing a little bit of his real personality.

I can’t get enough of Ji Yuan and Ye Junchi’s interactions. While it starts as a usual messing around, the teasing gradually moves up to seducing and trying to win Ji Yuan’s affection. Demon Lord loves to PDA and feeds everyone with dog food lol. Upon realizing his feelings, Ye Junchi goes on full seduction mode, super dere, patient, and mischievous, but still knows when to draw the line.

As for Ji Yuan, while he tries to withstand Ye Junchi’s moves, it’s amusing to see him struggle with the attention. Ji Yuan is gay and after twists and turns, he realizes that Ye Junchi is his ideal type of guy. But because he is faithful to his tasks and wants to return to his original world, he tries to fight his feelings.

It is frustrating to watch Ji Yuan deny his feelings and even fails to accept Ye Junchi’s feelings at first. But the more I read, the more I realize that little MC is really dense. And because of what he experienced in the original world, he is used to pushing people away from him.

After lots of twists and turns, when Ji Yuan finally accepted his feelings, he cares and protects Ye Junchi with all his might. I find it so cute and sweet because he’s usually timid, so it’s rare to see him take action. Besides, he is weak compared to the Demon Lord yet Ji Yuan wants to help and protect Ye Junchi too. He’s still the pampered wife, but he no longer just accepts the love given to him, he starts reciprocating. He even risks OOC penalties just to help the Demon Lord.

2. Light and easy read (but still with a plot)

When I saw that this only have 59 chapters plus the extras, I thought ‘what an easy read’! The story looked fun and doesn’t have lots of drama so I gave it a shot.

Turns out, it really is an easy read. I had a lot of fun reading the exchanges between Ji Yuan and System, and Ji Yuan and Ye Junchi. It’s so amusing to see Ji Yuan trying hard to complete his tasks, some seem impossible for him being a weak chicken.

Yes, unlike other protagonists I’ve read so far who has OP cheats, Ji Yuan has a broken body. He can’t cultivate at all. Just a normal mortal in a cultivation world. But then he tries to take on some difficult things which is really fun to watch.

But Let Me Tease You is not just a fun read, full of flirting from start to finish. It is about solving a murder case too. In order to clear Ji Yuan and Ye Junchi’s name of being murderers and conspirators, they travel far and wide to search for clues. They unravel not just the mastermind but also a conspiracy and a much darker scheme.

Just don’t expect the novel to be an action-packed story because there’s not much. For one, that’s not Ji Yuan’s forte. Second, I have this hunch that action scenes are not the author’s strong aspects as he/she seems to gloss over those scenes. Or maybe, fight scenes are just really not the focus of the story. And not my focus as well so I let it slide.

3. System

This wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is if it wasn’t for the System.

The System is an AI set to guide and give information to Ji Yuan. It also imposes punishments when needed.

At the start, the System is pretty savage. It is so strict and cold to Ji Yuan. Rules are rules and it often admonishes JY to stick with them.

As System and Ji Yuan spend time together, it becomes Ji Yuan’s bff. It doesn’t just give out tasks, but also chats with our MC. It is the biggest supporter of Team Ye Junchi as it often teases Ji Yuan. In return, Ji Yuan feeds it a big amount of dog food lol.

System becomes an indispensable character in this story. I enjoyed its interactions with Ji Yuan a lot. So when JY is still with System in the end, I was happy. I thought it would magically disappear when everything ends. But it didn’t. It would feel so weird to not have System around Ji Yuan.

Such a good and easy read. I’m happy that I picked this up and loved how the story developed. At the same time, I’m also sad to bid farewell to one of my favorite series.



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