情敌他哥不好当[重生] / It’s Not Easy Being Your Love Rival’s Big Brother

Author: 精分柚子茶

Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2372300

Translation: https://oldmosstree.wordpress.com/love-rivals-brother/

Novel Updates: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/its-not-easy-being-your-love-rivals-big-brother/

Chapters: 60

Summary from Novel Updates:

The 27-year-old Wei Han is a slightly fat, slightly chicken-livered, and slightly foolish, pure-hearted and besotted top, and his sweetheart who had been together with him for seven years, in the end, was stolen away by Qi ZhiFan one morning.


Deeply broken-hearted and in despair, he went overboard with binge eating, and ended up pathetically choking to death…


Luckily, he received a second chance, yet his timing, position, and destiny all got warped, and the him who returned to being twenty followed his remarried mother into the Qi family, turning into Qi ZhiFan’s non-blood-related older brother.


Well, Wei Han swore that this time, he must alter his dumped-as-cannon-fodder fate, and since he’s become his love rival’s big bro, he can definitely torment this scumbag little brother to death, restoring his position as the rightful top and quickly carry his bottom home!


However, why is the development of the plot spiraling further and further out of his control?


Why is Qi ZhiFan looking at him with a scorching, burning gaze, acting more and more questionable ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) eh?!


Thus, Wei Han was pushed down into an official bottom…

In the search for another light and easy read, I decided to pick up this novel!

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)


Unlike in Those Days in Saving the School Heartthrob where there are funny scenes that can make you smile or giggle, here it can make you laugh out loud. I know, the jokes and Wei Han’s antics may be grating for some people. The silliness is not for everyone.

Especially at the start of the story, Wei Han does his hardest to gather intel about his love-rival-slash-younger-brother Qi Zhifan. But Wei Han isn’t the brightest in terms of creating revenge plots and traps. More often than not, his actions help him dig deeper holes for himself. For instance, he posts anonymously in the school forums about Qi Zhifan’s weaknesses in an attempt to lower the other’s popularity. But instead of lowering his popularity, Qi Zhifan gains more fans and sympathy from the people around him and Wei Han is considered a god for giving the fans insider info about his younger brother.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind while reading this is that you shouldn’t take this too seriously and enjoy Wei Han’s silliness. Believe me, it will pass.


Fellow pervs rejoice! Out of all the other CNovels that I’ve read so far, this novel takes the cake for having so many detailed sex scenes in the main story. It was a pleasant surprise, really.

…though that also means a lot of these chapters are locked in JJWXC. Oops.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Wei Han

You’ll either hate or love Wei Han. I would imagine some people rolling their eyes with his actions. But his actions are the entire point of the story especially for the comedy lol. Just keep in mind two things — Wei Han is a really good cook and he is also really good at digging his own grave. 😂

But like what his friend said, Wei Han is only silly whenever it involves Qi Zhifan. Towards others, WH is a good friend. He helps his past (life) lover chase after his crush, helps his friend about the other’s love problems, and be filial to Fan-fan despite his revenge plans.

Qi Zhifan

Aii, Qi Zhifan is such a slag gong at the start. His mouth does nothing but spout venomous words towards Wei Han. He’s got everything a person could ask for with both male and female fawning over him.

I was pretty sure I’d hate Fan-fan because he’s really cold towards Wei Han. And if he ever changes once he falls in love, I thought he’d be just as domineering and possessive.

Perhaps out of all the characters, Fan-fan’s character development is my favorite. You’ll see how he changes from a slag gong to a lovesick husband. Of course, it’s a gradual change. But it’s still nice to see all the same.

With his personality, he looks like he’d pushed down Han-han to get what he wants. But he didn’t do that. He cultivates feelings and properly courts his older brother. Like, how he tries to kabedon and confess only to be cockblocked lol. Then there’s also preparing a dinner date, only for Han-han to get drunk and falls asleep in the middle of their date 😂.

Pei Yuyang and Jiang Chengrui

Pei Yuyang is Qi Zhifan’s friend while Jiang Chengrui is Wei Han’s. Pei Yuyang has been pursuing Jiang Chengrui since the early parts of the story.

I didn’t really like this pairing mainly because I thought PYY is way too annoying. Because he keeps on following JCR and openly expresses his feelings, I feel like he’s coming in way too strong.

But it all changes near the end when he shows that he really means his actions and loves JCR with all his heart. Despite JCR’s sister’s anger, PYY continues to do his best to help their family and proves his love for JCR. And while he acts like a spoiled 2nd generation at first, he starts getting involved with their family business and takes more responsibilities.

Leng Yan

Special mention for Leng Yan because he’s such a wacky character.

Leng Yan is Wei Han’s friend he met online. He gives pointers to WH when it comes to the other’s relationship and sex life. As it turns out, he is a company president while also writing BL stories on the side. He is called BE King or something because all of his novels are BE lmao.

Leng Yan is so bizarre. There are no other words to describe him. But his story as the cannon fodder tugs at my heartstring. To the point where I wanted him to have a happy ending for once.

And to my surprise, he really has a story of his own! It’s another novel by the same author. I’ll try reading it next time.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

I must admit that I keep on wondering why am I reading this at the start. It has nothing but eye-rolling silliness. But once I survived the first 15 chapters, it gets better. Wei Han is still the silly Wei Han but he slowly matures along with the rest of the characters.

…and come on, let us not forget the smut. 😏


Wei Han is destined to be a wife – whenever someone asks, Wei Han would boldly claim that he’s a top. Then everybody goes, ‘have you ever topped before?’ lol.

He’s also good with domestic things because his mom is not good at it. So he has the classic wife image. But I believe that he is being groomed to be Fan-fan’s wife.

Fan-fan caring for Han-han – there’s a lot of things so I’ll list them down

  • Wei Han is to fall down from the stairs but the still injured Qi Zhifan saves him and serves as a cushion. Then it starts raining and instead of being the only one safe from the rain, he shields both of them as they run home. The next day, WH catches a cold and faints at school but QZF comes in and carries him princess-style to the hospital.
  • During their police training, QZF spends the night shielding WH from mosquitoes. The next day, QZF has eyebags and lots of mosquito bites and WH laughs at him for it (without knowing that he got that from letting WH ensures a good sleep)
  • When they got stuck on the mountains, instead of guarding with the two of them, QZF let WH sleep and have him sleep on Fan-fan’s lap. Everything’s good and all… until Han-han turns, facing and breathing on QZF’s crotch LMAO.


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