My classmate lets me play PD on his PSV before. But it was confusing, I swore to never touch it again.

Or so I say. XD

Not in the mood to grind in Tartarus, I’ve tried PD again. I don’t have any idea of other vocaloids except Hatsune Miku (well, duh, she’s like everywhere XD) and Kagamine Len and Rin. Besides, I often see cosplayers cosplaying those three so it’s impossible to miss them. There’s an option in the game where you can choose your character so I chose Kaito (because blue~~ lol). There are other characters there but I don’t know them and they’re mostly girls so I have zero interest. www

Anyway, in the rhythm game part, once you clear a song, it will unlock another song and so on. Clearing a song also unlocks loads of things. When you play a song, you can choose either you want to play it with the default character dancing in the background or your chosen character. Since I chose Kaito, I get to see him dance cutely! HAHAHAHA. You have no idea how hilarious and awkward it at first. XD Especially in that Look at me, Baby song. wwwwww

While I’m enjoying this game, I still get confuse at times. Probably the most confusing rhythm game I’ve ever played. Well, it’s more like, I’m distracted with Kaito dancing in the background. XD There are PVs where things are moving so fast that I can’t see where the next note will be. ><;;; I still don’t know much about the game in general though. ;;;;


2 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Project Diva Extend”
  1. after playing the vita version of diva it’s hard to go back to the PSP one
    in fact when I went back to it, it made my eyes hurt from all the garbled graphics ^^;

    1. Ahaha I know. XD I didn’t play that much on my friend’s PSV but when I played on my PSP, I noticed the huge difference in graphics. XD I’ll make sure to play PD when I get PSV for better graphics. ww

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