Woot! It’s finally released~! o/o/o/


I loved MUSIC a lot even if it almost murdered my right thumb before xD. I was very excited when they announced that there will be MUSIC 2! Now, I haven’t touched any other Utapri games before though I vaguely remember promising to play it back when I was playing MUSIC. lol

MUSIC 2 is a lot like MUSIC except for the added songs of the senpai. I’m getting the feeling that focus this time is the senpai. For instance, once you finished the 3 levels of Easy for the regular guys, you’ll just unlock an episode and a new song. If you finished a senpai, you’ll unlock an episode, a song, AND clothing in the shop. Not that I have a grudge or something towards them though XDD.

Since I didn’t watch the anime nor play the games, I was not familiar with the songs included in this game. Thankfully, the songs that are available right from the start of the game are the ones included in the single released during the first anime.

For those who have been playing this game as well, how do you unlock the Memories section? ;w; Do I have to, like finish Easy, Hard, and Pro first? TT______TT

Welp! I guess I’ll be busy with this while I crawl my way to finish Mojuutsukai to Oujisama (halfway through Lucia route! XD).


4 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 2”
  1. I just finished this game and true enough it was pure pollical torture XD But it was fun! My personal favorite is Tokiya’s My Little Little Girl <3
    I have a question though… are the songs in MUSIC the same as the songs in MUSIC 2? acccck I don't really know :/. Since I enjoyed MUSIC 2 I'm thinking of getting MUSIC 1, but if the songs are just the same, then there's no point in getting the game :/…

    1. Nope. The songs are totally different. Iirc, it has the songs from the season 1 of anime (the first games of utapri). And it doesn’t have songs from the sempai yet. 🙂

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