Onoe sees Kaburagi as a rival in everything. To make it worse, he sees Kaburagi with his girlfriend. Now, he has to work under this very guy. What a luck!

…but it isn’t always a bad thing, right?

I casually flip through this without any expectations or whatever. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard of this title before. And people are like, going gaga over this. As I don’t like the cover that much initially, I don’t really bother reading this carefully.

Turns out that this is enjoyable! While the story may seem cliche, the characters are unconventional and so as the circumstances that follow after their initial meeting.

Onoe looks like the simple, clumsy, guy but he is so hilarious! It’s amusing to watch as he slowly realizes his feelings. The way he thinks is almost as different on what he acts. Which is understandable AND adorable to see.

On the other hand, I find Kaburagi detestable at first. Natsume-sensei did a good job in making readers sympathize with Onoe. But gaaaah, I love characters like Kaburagi so I liked him after a few chapters. The mangaka creates an alternating POV along the story which makes me love Kaburagi more after reading his part. I always love reading the thoughts of the seme. /o/

However, the part I truly find precious is the confession part. lskafjlkdsjf I momentarily freeze after reading and like, “Did he just confess?” AHAHA OMG.

Ameiro Paradox is definitely DEFINITELY  a good read. I love this to bits. I shall never doubt any Natsume Isaku works. EVER.


8 thoughts on “[Manga] Ameiro Paradox”
  1. I LOVE this manga *–*
    Natsume-sensei mangas are so awesome!! :3
    I agree, definitely a manga to read over and over

  2. Yay I knew that you’d enjoy this! I usually don’t feel so strongly about couples in BL manga, but these two are just <3 And yes the confession eheheh :3

  3. This is the first (and only, thus far) BL manga I’ve read! (Because my fujoshi friend is converting me into a fujoshi and she’s like, “Oh, let’s copy Yaoi manga into her flash disk!” XD). I’m not really into BL but I surprisingly liked this manga ^_^=

    1. Bless your friend. XD
      Seriously, you have a good start in BL. Ameiro Paradox has a good combination of anything and Natsume Isaku is a great mangaka. 😀

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