For I am Natsume Isaku deprived.

The humor in Honto Yajuu sort of reminds me of Natsume Isaku so I had to fulfill my sudden need for any Natsume manga. www

Izumi needs a cheap place to live after being robbed in his former home. He is able to get a room in a multi-family complex. There are lots of quirky residents living there but what piqued his interest is the quirkiest of them all, the young superintendent Haruto.

Hmm. I have a ~little~ problem with this pairing: things happen a little too fast. I get it, Haruto is super adorbs and too weird but he is still able to catch the heart (lol) of Izumi. But Izumi falls too quick, not enough romance build up. Okay so I guess Izumi really did like Haruto but how about Haruto? He keeps on saying that he likes no one else other than Izumi yet it feels like his like is different from Izumi’s like. And because of that, I feel really really bad for Izumi. I am hoping and praying that there is more to their pairing because I want them to deepen their relationship in every sense. 8D

The second pairing is about childhood friends Momo and Jin. The latter is head over heels with Momo and even followed him when he goes to Tokyo. Everyone in the complex has seen them in a compromising position but Momo is adamant on denying that they are not a couple. Really now~ /kicked

This one is interesting. Momo is too cold for Jin. Just like with Izumi, I feel bad for Jin due to Momo’s constant refusal for Jin’s feelings. I only skimmed through this so I’m not really sure how they resolve their conflict but I find their relationship cute. And damn, Jin is one persistent guy for following the guy he likes for 10 friggin years. That’s some kind of will. www

Having said all of that, Heart no Kakurega is entertaining. Natsume Isaku never failed in delivering the jokes at the right time. It always makes me laugh out loud. XD


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