Toba is the new doctor in the countryside. Everyone in this town is friendly except for one, the aloof guy called Suga. Toba’s supposed room in the clinic collapsed causing him to stay in Suga’s house in a while. The aloof guy suddenly pushes Toba on the floor and wants to do it??

Recently, I’ve become addicted to Ameiro Paradox written by Natsume Isaku. I enjoy that one a lot. But as usual, I didn’t realize that Ameiro and Kiraboshi were both created by Natsume. OTL

Nonetheless, this is surprisingly good! I thought it will just be like any other BL manga out there: seme hates uke but wants him to warm his bed at night, thinks that everything and everyone has a price, wimpy uke changes him and saves the day. The end.

The story has an unexpected turn of events that makes the plot more enjoyable and the couple more endearing to the readers. It has a feel-good atmosphere in the story.

I loooove this! I just wish that this is a little longer. It’s like some parts are cut off so that it would fit to a 1-volume story.

I want more SugaxToba!


7 thoughts on “[Manga] Kiraboshi Dial”
  1. Omg Natsume Isaku~ I really like her stuff, she always tries to have varying settings and couplings. I love Ameiro Paradox, it remains my favourite of hers till today! Apparently it’s getting a continuation (since it’s so popular) so yay o/

    Do check out her other stuff too! Her works aren’t really a hit-or-miss imo so I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy the rest :3

    1. I tried avoiding her works since I thought the covers are not pretty. XD;; But Ameiro and Kiraboshi proved me wrong. You’re right, I liked how she mixed and match various settings and couplings, and how she give it a little twist.

      Whaaat??! It’s getting a continuation? Hoooray~! Ugh I love the couple! (why don’t i make a post about it? |D)

      Oooh, good idea. I’ll try her other works too! 😀

  2. I love this manga =D
    I read it twice!
    I love Natsume’s mangas, they have nice plot and cute/cool charas.
    Ameiro Paradox is one of my favs too *–*

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