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The story of the new high school teacher, Ichikura, and the younger brother of his ex-lover, Oda.

Although an excellent student and member of the student council, Oda threatens Ichikura with the relationship between him and his elder brother. Is this the beginning of debauchery in the name of learning?

A collection of one-shots.

This is one of those series which have the characters who are thinking, I think I like you so it’s fine even if you do that to me or For some unknown reason, you are making my heart thumping so hard so I guess it’s okay to do this. Are you already getting the idea of what is this about?

Basically, Dokusenyoku does not have a solid plot. For every pairing presented in the story, there is always rape. Why wouldn’t they just squirm away from their predator??

Characters are so-so. Readers barely understood why character A felt this way towards character B resulting in a (un)pleasant sensual encounter with the former.

Pretty standard art. It started out kind of unbearable to look at with those heavy-lined eyes making it difficult to show how the character felt on a particular scene, other than the obvious mischievous glint and a naughty idea he is implying. Thankfully, it gets better as the chapters go by.

The ‘touchy’ scenes aren’t really that touchy. Though not implied, it is rather short and dull, if not upsetting.

If you are up for some light yaoi reading just to past time, then read this. Otherwise, let this pass. There are better books out there.


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